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Selecting the most suitable stainless steel toilets


There is more variation in the application of industrial stainless steel toilets than in residential toilets.  The main concerns when selecting a stainless steel toilet is vandalism, not only to the toilet itself, but to the flushing mechanism as well.

There are basically three types of stainless steel toilets

  • Pedestal type ( F-HCL Pedestal pan and SS-PAN-FM toilet pan)
  • Back to wall type (HDTX592 and SS-PAN-BW) – about 8 variations available
  • Wall hung type (CMPX and SS-PAN-WH models) – (CMPX have about 8 variations)
Franke hcl pedestal wc pan stainless steel toilets

Pedestal back entry toilet

Floor mounted stainless steel toilet pan

Stainless steel pedestal pan


Franke HDTX597 back to wall stainless steel toilet

Vandal proof toilet

Franke CMPX592 stainless steel wall hung toilet pan

Franke CMPX592

Stainless steel vandal proof wall hung pan


So the question is, where and when to use the various models and with what flush mechanism?

The answer is not that simple and it is installation and budget specific. In most cases, the HCL or SWC floor mounted pans with a standard 104B Flush Valve will be adequate. Note that we hardly ever sell toilet seats with the stainless steel pans. If you want a toilet seat consider a ceramic toilet as well since it is much cheaper and more refined. While we are talking about seats there are three options, mostly on the HCL pedestal pan as the other models have restricted access to the underside for maintenance. The three options for seats are:

  1. No seat
  2. Wooden slats
  3. Complete toilet seat (Wooden or heavy duty plastic with soft close hinges and vandal resistant hinges)

Stainless steel toilet with slats

stainless steel toilet with full pine seat

Stainless steel toilet no seat

The basic toilet seat options available for the HCL pedestal pan. Note that there is also a white heavy duty plastic toilet seat with vandal resistant hinges and soft close seats.

Toilet seat options
Order codeNew code / OldDescription.   Seats must be specified with pan.
F-SEAT-ESTONIA2540095 / 356258Black or white toilet seat - Estonia (See image above left)
F-SLAT2540078 / 356049Wooden slats
F-SEAT-BLACK2540093 / 356252Black project toilet seat
F-SEAT-PINE2540080 / 356069Oregon plywood toilet seat

Now that we have the toilet seat sorted out let’s have a look at the application of these units. The bad news is that you will have to consider the flush mechanism as well when selecting the toilet as they go hand in hand. The first thing you have to consider is water flow and pressure.  If you do not have a good supply of municipal water (between 1-6 bar pressure) you will have to settle for a cistern (plastic or stainless steel).  Note that cisterns are not vandal resistant unless you can install the cistern in a duct behind the toilet wall which is connected to a pneumatic flush actuator.

Below is a table that summarizes the industrial application of the various stainless steel toilets with flush mechanisms.

FeatureTop Entry ExposedBack Entry ExposedConcealed/In Wall back entryConcealed Duct/Prison back entry
Low Pressure
(0.3-6 bar, 25mm inlet)
107C/LP106 or 104CXP
106 or 104C
106 or 104C-SS
High Pressure
(1- 6 bar, 20mm inlet)

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