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DSBC Drip sink & basin combination


Franke Model DSBC Drip sink wash hand basin combo unit manufactured from 1,2 mm thick grade 304 stainless steel with grid, 960 x 550 mm with a 100 mm high integral splashback to the rear with a pressed bowl. A hinged bucket grid shall be fitted over the drip sink manufactured from a 10 mm Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel round bar. Unit complete with two 40 x 40 mm square stainless steel wall mounting gallows brackets. Unit fixed to wall 850 mm from the top of the front apron to the finish floor level with 4 off anchor bolts (bolts specified elsewhere).


  • Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless steel.
  • Pressed drip sink bowl.
  • Pressed wash hand basin.
  • Hinged bucket grid
  • 40 x 40 mm Stainless Steel Square Tube Brackets.
DSBC Drip sink basin combination models
Order codeNew product codeOld product codeBowl position
FR-DSBC-LHU2630025350954DSBC Drip sink left hand side (Left hand unit)
FR-DSBC-RHU2630025-001350955DSBC Drip sink right hand side (Right hand unit)
DSBC drip sink for hospitals and clinics
Drip sink & basin combination right hand unit.
2630025 / 350954
DSBC Drip sink combo right hand version (350955)
Drip sink & basin combination right hand unit.
2630025-001 / 350955

DSBC drip sink diagram

DSBC drip sink basin combination diagram

Custom made medical drip sink basin combo

Medical drip sink and basin combo made from stainless steel
Medical drip sink and basin combo.

The custom made medical drip sink and basin combo is ideal for doctors rooms and laboratories where washing of specimens and cleaning of equipment after disecting is ncesseary. The tap and hand spray are optional. Elbow taps are used for hygiene as users have soiled gloves. This makes operating the taps easier. The grid over the right hand sink enables the user to rinse off bowls and specimens.

Popular taps used with the hospital drip sink bowl combination

Metered water saving tap with temperature control
Self closing water saving pillar tap with hot and cold mixing. Temperature adjustment lever on the side.
water saving pillar tap self closing 36265000
No mixing of hot and cold water. Self closing, water saving tap
Industrial metered self closing tap