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Fastrack modular shelving


Franke Model Fastrack Modular Shelving available with solid or louvered shelves (please specify) Shelves are manufactured from 1.2mm thick grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel with die cast aluminium corner brackets for fixing to Ø 25 mm vertical posts. Posts are made from 1.2mm thick Ø 25 mm diameter stainless steel and fitted with end caps at one end and adjustable foot piece.

Non standard sizes also available. Please not this is not a stock item and requires a manufacturing lead time of at least 26 working days.

Features of the Fastrack shelving system

  • Modular – easy to assemble, expand and adjust
  • Mobile – suitable for many applications
  • Durable – constructed and designed to the highest standards of strength and hygiene

Optional extras

  • Set of four castors 125 mm ø with two lockable
  • Special post lengths available on request
Fastrack modular shelving sizes
Product codeSKUType of shelfLengthWidth
FT-750x400S2620051 / 358000Solid750 mm400 mm
FT-750x500S2620055 / 358080Solid750 mm500 mm
FT-750x400L2620059 / 358320Louvred750 mm400 mm
FT-750x500L 2620063 / 358400Louvred750 mm500 mm
FT-1000x400S2620052 / 358020Solid1 000 mm400 mm
FT-1000x500S2620056/ 358100Solid1 000 mm500 mm
FT-1000x400L2620060 / 358340Louvred1 000 mm400 mm
FT-1000x500L2620064 / 358420Louvred1 000 mm500 mm
FT-1250x400S2620053 / 358040Solid1 250 mm400 mm
FT-1250x500S2620057 / 358120Solid1 250 mm500 mm
FT-1250x400L358360Louvred1 250 mm400 mm
FT-1250x500L358440Louvred1 250 mm500 mm
FT-1500x400S2620054 / 358060Solid1 500 mm400 mm
FT-1500x500S2620058 / 358140Solid1 500 mm500 mm
FT-1500x400L2620062 / 358380Louvred1 500 mm400 mm
FT-1500x500L2620066 / 358460Louvred1 500 mm500 mm
Stainless steel posts with 1.2 mm wall thickness 25 mm diameter
Product codeSKUSKU with castorsPost height with adjustable foot
FT-POST-10002620027 / 3543002620031 / 3543071 000 mm
FT-POST-15002620028 / 3543022620032 / 3543081 500 mm
FT-POST-18002620029 / 3543043543091 800 mm
FT-POST-20002620030 / 3543062620033 / 3543102 000 mm

Quoted as a set of 4 poles (not individually). Minimum number of shelves per set of poles is 2.
On average 4 shelves are used per set of 4 poles.

Fastrack stainless steel modular shelving

Fastrack modular shelving diagram showing dimensions

Fastrack modular shelving diagram showing side dimensions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: These units are made from grade 304 stainless steel and are designed to be used in environments such as hospitals and mortuaries. Due to the high requirements for hygiene they might be too expensive for residential use.