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Knee operated hands free Custom made slab sink

Designed for the Food Preparation and Manufacturing Industry. For use where hygiene is of the utmost importance. The top section is made from one piece of stainless steel for maximum hygiene.

Slab sink specification :

Model SS06, SS12, SS18 or SS24 Slab Sink (various custom smaller models also available) which is knee operated, hands free. See table below for more details. The unit is manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1,6 mm thick, with a 300 mm splash back. Sink includes a 50 mm deep trough like basin with 40 mm waste outlets, outlets and a hole for the pillar spout evenly spaced. Wastes and p-traps not supplied.  The unit is supplied with pedestals on which the knee operated or foot operated valves are installed. The unit is fixed to the wall with 3 mm Stainless Steel bracket for reinforcement. (Bolts not supplied). Braided pipes to connect the valves to spouts and to water supply not supplied. We recommend using poly-pipe or copper pipe for all connections. The units flow is optimized so it can work efficiently with thermostatic mixers.

Accessories included:

  • Complete top slab sink made from grade 304 stainless steel with attached splashback.
  • Deck mounted Pillar Spout(s) M-DSP-180
  • Knee or foot operated W-155UW metered valve(s)


  • Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1.6 mm gauge
  • Shallow trough basin 50 mm
  • 3 mm mounting brackets for reinforcement.
  • With 100 mm apron all round
  • Complete with 300 mm Splash Back
  • Maximum length must not exceed 2500 mm
  • Flow optimized for use the thermostatic mixers.
Slab sink models. All models are available in knee operated or foot operated configuration
Order codeModelDimensionsBays
F-SS18SS181800 x 550 x 50 mm3
F-SS24SS242400 x 550 x 50 mm4
F-SS06SS06600 x 550 x 50 mm1
F-SS12SS121200 x 550 x 50 mm2

Single knee operated hand wash basin

Knee operated hand wash basins which are suited for the food industry. These samples are designed with various knee operated valves. We can manufacture hand wash basins with 1-4 bays. The knee operated valve can also be replaced with a foot operated valve. The system uses pre-mixed water or cold water only. Meaning that the valve does not mix hot and cold water. Pre-mixing must be done with a thermostatic mixing valve such as the CA-512400. The thermostatic valve comes standard with anti-scalding or burning protection. The thermostatic valve will reduce water temperature below 42°C which is the maximum temperature at which you should wash your hands. Above 42°C the temperature might be uncomfortable for some people.

Custom hands free basin single bay and splashback
F-SS06 – 600 mm 1 bay system

Two bay knee operated hand wash basin

2 bay hands free wash basin
F-SS12 – 1200 mm 2 bay system

Knee operated 2 bay hands free slab sink dimensions

3 Bay knee operated hand wash basin

Custom hands free basin with three bays and splashback 356663 / 2990020
F-SS18 – 1800 mm 3 bay system


Hands free basin diagram

4 Bay knee operated hand wash basin

Knee operated hands free wash basin - 4 bay - made from stainless steel 356704 / 2990021
F-SS24 – 2400 mm 4 bay system

Knee operated hand wash basin 4 bay diagram

IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFORMATION: An inline strainer and pressure regulating valve must be installed before the hands free units. Failing to do so will void the warranty on the valves.

Essential accessories for the knee operated slab sink

thermostatic medical mixing valve tempering hot cold water
Thermostatic-Mixing-Valve 15mm DZR brass The thermostatic valve can be installed before the inlet of the slab sink to supply comfortable warm water without the risk of burning.
walcro prv gauge pressure reducing valve
Pressure regulating valve to protect knee operated mixing valves
Inline strainer to keep dirt out of taps, mixers and valves
Inline strainer to remove dirt particles in the water that can damage the knee operated valves