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Oval A wall mount hand wash basin

Oval A basin specification

Franke Model Oval A Wash Hand Basins, 420 x 340 x 185 mm deep. Manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1,2 mm gauge. Unit to include a one piece pressed bowl, 360 x 280 x 130 mm deep with a 40 mm waste outlet, with a 50 mm splashback and 100 mm rounded apron. Basin to be fixed to the wall with 4 x 6 mm anchor bolts (bolts elsewhere measured).

Alternative basin to the Oval A is the Oval KA. It has slightly deeper and narrower bowl.

  • Product code: 2520029 / 357456
  • Order code: FR-OVAL-A

Features :

  • Grade 304 (18/10) polished Stainless Steel, 1,2 mm gauge
  • Compact design suitable for wall mounting
  • Basin with pressed bowl
  • No brackets required, basin supplied with mounting plates
  • Hygienic and vandal resistant
Commercial wall hung basin

Above: The Oval A hand wash basin is popular in the food industry, hospitals and clinics. It is a small compact basin which is hygienic and designed specially for hand washing. IR taps or foot/knee operated taps can be used. Foot operated valves such as in the image to the right are very popular. When using a foot valve a tap is not required, only a dedicated spout.

Oval A dimensions

Popular hands free basin conversion

Foot valves are popular with the Oval A hand wash basin. It allows hands free operation for use in the food and hospital industries. The foot valve is connected to a basin spout which is mounted on top of the Oval A basin. The foot valve uses pre-mixed water or cold water. Pre-mixed water is kept below 42°C through the installation of a thermostatic mixing valve.

Hands free foot operated boxed foot valve

New boxed foot valve

Popular taps used on the Oval A wall hung basin

Metered water saving tap with temperature control auto close

Self closing water saving pillar tap with hot and cold mixing. Temperature adjustment lever on the side.

Walcro 100R self closing pillar tap

Self closing pillar tap cold water or pre-mixed water only

Walcro 220 metered pillar tap

Self closing pillar tap. Not hot cold mixing. Use a thermostatic mixer to mix hot and cold water.

Thermostatic mixers. Use to mix hot and cold water down to 45°C to prevent users burning their hands with hot water. This  thermostatic mixer is specially designed to be installed without any tools. The 15mm version supplies one basin or one tap only.

Hot cold mechanical water mixing device for basins

Hot & cold water mechanical mixer. The unit does not control the temperature.

Single basin hot and cold water mixer

Rada Meynell 15/3 hot and cold water mixing device

Can supply up to 3 basins with pre-mixed water