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Vandal resistant prison shower

Vandal resistant prison shower heads and valves designed for buildings where vandalism is a problem such as in prisons. The W-CIRS-V2 shower head is designed for commercial and industrial showering applications. It features vandal resistant properties, internal strainer and provides jet type spray due to the internal propeller. The propeller makes it less susceptible to limescale blocking. The W-CIRS-V2 saves water and does not require a regulator.


  • 15mm BSP female inlet
  • Flow rate range: 6 l/min to 8 l/min depending on pressure
  • Minimum operating pressure: 1 bar
  • Strainer: internal and removable for cleaning with Alen key.
vandal resistant prison shower head

Vandal resistant prison shower head

Prison shower installation

For prison installations the W-CIRS-V2 shower head is installed with the W-155UWS metered shower valve. The valve comes with a stainless steel sleeve around the shower button, preventing vandals damaging the valve or tamper with it.  The operating pressure of the valve is 0.3 – 6 bar.

prison water saving shower valve vandal proof

Vandal resistant prison metered water saving shower valve

vandal resistant shower installation diagram

Vandal resistant shower installation

Hostel type shower installation

prison shower vandal resistant valve

Metered shower with flange

prison shower installation

Shower head installation for high security showers

Blending hot water for showers

The W-155 range of metered shower valves does not mix hot and cold water. It uses cold water or pre-mixed (blended) water. Various thermostatic mixers are available depending on the number of showers that are used. Note that the final volume and pressure of the blended water must meet the minimum standard required for normal operation of the shower head and metered valve. For a single shower the W-15/3 thermostatic mixer or the mechanical CO-EL-X60 can be used. Note mechanical mixers will not prevent users from scalding, the temperature or mixing rate must be adjusted manually.

thermostatic valve for two showers

Mixing hot and cold water for two showers

hot cold hostel mixer showers mining washroom

Mixing hot and cold water for up to 4 showers

burn protection shower industrial commercial shower hostel hospital prison

Industrial hot cold water mixer for up to 8 showers