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Double Bowl Pot Sink (P2) Stainless Steel

Specifications of the P2 pot sink

Double bowl pot sink (model “P2”) with two centre or end bowls (please specify left or right), manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel 1,2 mm thick with a 150 mm high integral splash back and 50 x 10 mm turn down with a beaded edge on the remaining sides. The Pot sink is available either with a fabricated 760 x 460 x 380 mm deep bowl or a 600 x 500 x 300 mm deep pressed bowl. Both models have a 40 mm waste outlet. Kitchens are noisy places to work in and pot sink bowls contribute significantly if they not treated with sound deadening bitumastic paint. We apply the paint to the bottom of the bowls. This paint is also vermin proof, increasing hygiene in the kitchen. The pot sink top is supported by a 30 x 30 x mmm galvanised mild steel frame.  The pot sink is fixed 900 mm high from the top of the front apron to the finish floor level with anchor bolts (bolts not supplied). The pot sinks can be used as freestanding units with either round or square legs or they can be fixed to a wall with gallows brackets which come with a detachable front leg.

You can use a pot sink as drop-on without the feet.  Mount it on a sturdy cabinet or two brick walls on the edges. Please refer to fixing table for fixing options.

Features of the P2 pot sink

  • Fabricated bowls 760 x 460 x 380 mm deep or pressed bowls 600 x 500 x 300 mm
  • Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel 1.2 mm gauge
  • Fully sound deadened with galvanized backing sheet
  • Hospital bead to prevent spillage
  • 133 Liter Bowl Capacity

Optional accessories for P2 pot sink

  • Stainless steel solid under shelf
  • Stainless steel slatted under shelf
  • Non-standard sizes upon request
  • Splash backs to ends on request
P2 pot sink
Order codeProduct code
(new / old)
Bowl SizeDimensions:
L x W x H (mm)
Bowl PositionBowl type
P2-18502620007/ 352804760 x 460 x 380 mm1850 x 650 x 1050CentreFabricated
P2-1850-PB2620482600 x 500 x 300 mm1850 x 650 x 1050CentrePressed bowl
P2-2400L2620257 /352850760 x 460 x 380 mm2400 x 650 x 1050LeftFabricated
P2-2400L-PB600 x 500 x 300 mm2400 x 650 x 1050LeftPressed bowl
P2-2400R2620008 / 352854760 x 460 x 380 mm2400 x 650 x 1050RightFabricated
P2-2400R-PB600 x 500 x 300 mm2400 x 650 x 1050RightPressed bowl
P2-2400C2620009 / 352856760 x 460 x 380 mm2400 x 650 x 1050CentreFabricated
P2-2400C-PB2620483600 x 500 x 300 mm2400 x 650 x 1050CentrePressed bowl
Non standard sizes available on request, please ask for a quote.
Double bowl pot sink made from stainless steel
P2 Double bowl pot sink. 1850 mm with center bowls. Note there are no drain areas to the left and right of the sink. (P2-1850)
P2 2400 Center pot sink
The double bowl P2 2400 mm pot sink. Note the small drain areas around the two sinks. The 2400 mm units have three sets of legs. (P2-2400C)

Double bowl stainless steel pot sink diagram

Double bowl pot sink front view diagram

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