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Thermostatic valves

Thermostatic valves are used in hospitals, clinics, food industry, homes and factories.  They are also sometimes called safety valves.  A thermostatic valve mixes hot water from a geyser (usually at temperatures (± 70°C) that can cause severe scalding/burning or even killing a person) with the cold water supply to provide mixed water of

Rada Maynell 15/3 Thermostatic valve


  • Minimum temperature differential between hot and outlet temperature: 10°C
  • Optimum temperature control range: 35 – 45°C
  • Maximum hot water temperature: 85°C (for safety, a recommended hot water storage temperature maintained below 85°C and for ablution installations at between 60 to 65°C).

Flow Control

  • The Meynell 15/3 does not have an integral flow control.
  • Separate outlet flow control such as a tap, mechanical timed flow control device or solenoid is required.
  • The device chosen should be non- concussive in operation.


  • Inlet and outlet connectors are 15 mm compression
  • Hot (H) and Cold (C) inlets are clearly marked and must be connected this way.
  • The inlet connections have integral strainer and check valve units.


  • Minimum operating pressure: 0.1 bar.
  • Maximum static pressure: 10 bar.
  • Maximum pressure loss ratio*: 10:1 (in favour of either supply).
  • Maximum hot water supply temperature: 85°C.
  • Maximum cold water supply temperature: 25°C.
  • Note! Both hot and cold pressure should be nominally equal.
Rada Meynell 15/3 hot and cold water mixing device


How to install the Rada Meynell 15/3 thermostatic valve on a basin

Installation of the W-15/3 on a basin

Rada Meynell flow diagram

Diagram of the parts of the Rada Meynell 15/3

Diagram of the Rada Maynell 15/3 hot cold mixer

Micro Thermostatic valve for single basins

The GroTherm Micro is a small thermostatic mixer designed for single hand wash basins only. It protects the user from scalding and reduces or mixes hot and cold water to a temperature between 15- 43°C. The GroTherm Micro is extremely easy to install with the two connecting braided pipes. The GroTherm Micro is ideal for hands free basin systems where a knee operated valve or floor operated valve are used. Since both these valves are not mixers (they do not mix hot and cold water), they require a thermostatic valve for warm water.

34487000 Hot/cold water thermostatic mixer for single basins

Thermostatic mixer for single basins

Thermo scalding protection

  • Temperature adjustment 15- 46 °C
  • Thermal disinfection without re- adjustment of temperature
  • Connection 3/8″ below with cap nut above 3/8″ male thread
  • GROHE TurboStat® thermoelement
  • Built- in non- return valves
  • Dirt strainer
  • Max. pressure differential 5:1
  • Min. recommended pressure 1.0 bar

Connection set consisting of:

  • T- unit
  • Union nut 3/8″
  • 2 outlets 3/8″ male thread
  • Flexible connection hose
  • Union nuts


 Mechanical hot and cold mixer

The EL-X60 is a small single basin mechanical hot and cold water mixer.  It does not regulate the temperature as the GR-THERM or W-15/3. The mixing rate depends on the pressure and flow rate of the hot and cold inlets. This means you will have to regulate and set the flow rate and pressure manually in order to obtain the correct final outlet temperature. The mixing rate can also be adjusted on the device.

Hot cold mechanical water mixing device for basins

Hot & cold water mechanical mixer. The unit does not control the temperature.

Caleffi thermostatic mixing valves

The Caleffi thermostatic valve is made from DZR brass which makes it suitable for hospital use. Adjustment temperature between 30-65°C. Maximum static working pressure 14bar with maximum dynamic working pressure 5 bar. Maximum inlet temperature 85°C. Minimum flow rate 5 L/min.

caleffi thermostatic mixing valve 521400

Thermostatic-Mixing-Valve 15mm DZR brass



Protecting the thermostatic valves from dirt and high pressures.

Inline strainer to keep dirt out of taps, mixers and valves

Inline 15mm strainer to keep dirt out of valves.

walcro prv gauge pressure reducing valve

Pressure regulating valve to protect knee operated mixing valves

WARNING: Thermostatic valves must be used with 15mm inline strainers to prevent dirt damaging the interior of mechanism. Warranty is void if no inline strainer is used. If you suspect the pressure exceeding 6 bar, please install a pressure regulating valve.