Bathrooms Vandal resistant shower head with wall plate for prisons

Vandal resistant shower head

Vandal resistant shower head The W-CIRS-V2 is a vandal resistant shower head designed for industrial and commercial installations. The unit features vandal resistant properties by fixing the head onto a wall plate. . The inline strainer prevents nozzle blockages. The nozzle provides jet type spray which is cause by the internal propeller type mechanism of the nozzle. The design reduces scale buildup reducing maintenance. The shower nozzle is designed to save water and does not…


Advantages of wall mounted water boilers vs urns

Advantages of wall mounted water boilers vs urns: Convenience of on tap boiling water for staff refreshment, 24 hours a day – no more time wasted waiting for water to boil – increases productivity and reduces time wasted. Plumbed in to the mains cold water supply – automatically refills and recovers the volume of water drawn – no need to have a dedicated staff member keeping unit full of water – reduces cost. Steam free…

Sinks Stonebuilt granite kitchen sink in new colours

Stonebuilt granite kitchen sinks – now in new colours

Stonebuilt granite kitchen sinks are not cutout from stone but are made from granite powder and small portion of resin to form a mould.  Basically it is made in the same way as kitchen tops and some modern composite baths, basins and butler sinks. The modern technology has allowed these granite kitchen sinks to be extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing. Some of the advantages of Stonebuilt granite sinks are: Granite sinks are extremely scratch resistant…


Hard water filtration system

Zip GlobalPlus™ water filtration for hard water Recommended for Zip HydroBoil, HydroBoil Pro, Chilltap and Chiller systems in hard water areas to reduce scale build up and prolong element and thermostat life span. Ordering options are: F-2330276 – Zip GlobalPlus™ Water Filtration Kit Complete F-2330274 – Replacement Zip GlobalPlus™ Water Filtration Cartridge. 0.2 micron – 6,435 litres filtration @ 1.9 litres per minute F-2330275 – Zip GlobalPlus™ Filter Head plus flexi hoses Zip GlobalPlusTM Water…


Stainless steel toilet seats

One of the enquiries we get most often is for stainless steel toilet seats. In most cases it is because it is perceived as the most vandal resistant option in toilet seats. However, stainless steel toilet seats are not available in South Africa at all. Why not then? Currently stainless steel sanitary ware is used for commercial and industrial applications where hygiene and durability is of foremost importance, not aesthetics. A stainless steel toilet seat…

Industrial flush valves installation models

Flush mechanism options for industrial toilets

Industrial stainless steel toilets have various flushing options to suit your needs.  Aesthetics is not the primary focus but functionality.  In most cases companies install a stainless steel toilet due to vandalism and it is also the flush mechanism that suffers. So selecting the right one for the industry is crucial. There are three basic flush systems available: Exposed flush mechanism (This includes cisterns, push button flush systems and IR flush systems) Built in wall…

Industrial vandal resistant toilet seats

Selecting the most suitable stainless steel toilets

There is more variation in the application of industrial stainless steel toilets than in residential toilets.  The main concerns when selecting a stainless steel toilet is vandalism, not only to the toilet itself, but to the flushing mechanism as well. There are basically three types of stainless steel toilets Pedestal type ( F-HCL Pedestal pan and SS-PAN-FM toilet pan) Back to wall type (HDTX592 and SS-PAN-BW) – about 8 variations available Wall hung type (CMPX…

Kitchens Difference between ceramic, engiineered and stainless steel butler sinks

The difference between ceramic, engineered stone and stainless steel butler sinks

I have been asked so many times what is the difference between the ceramic, engineered stone and stainless steel butler sinks, that I thought I would post it on the web. The one is not better than the other.  It really depends on your application and what you intend to use it for.  For light lab work with a lot of glassware, I would recommend the engineered stone types.  If you are going to use…


Installation guide for the Zip Hydroboil

The installation instructions of the Zip Hydroboil water heaters below are intended as a guideline only for the CORRECT installation of the HydroBoils. While every care has been taken to ensure that the information herein is correct, Franke Kitchen Systems (Pty) Ltd or Chilli-B will not be held responsible for installation conditions out of their control, unforeseen circumstances or conditions beyond the scope of this Installation Guide. Important Notes Please read the entire procedure prior to…

Industrial kwikboil water heater urn office boiler wall hung

Tips on how to find faults with your Kwikboil water heater

If you have a Kwikboil water heater installed or if a new one has been installed and there are problems, please check the following items.  If the problem persists, contact your local plumber or electrician to help you. The Kwikboil unit does not fill with water. Possible Causes: There is no power supply. There is no water supply. The filter is blocked. This is often a problem with new building installations.  The water pipes are…

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