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Zip GlobalPlus™ water filtration for hard water

Recommended for Zip HydroBoil, HydroBoil Pro, Chilltap and Chiller systems in hard water areas to reduce scale build up and prolong element and thermostat life span.

Ordering options are:

  • F-2330276 – Zip GlobalPlus™ Water Filtration Kit Complete
  • F-2330274 – Replacement Zip GlobalPlus™ Water Filtration Cartridge. 0.2 micron – 6,435 litres filtration @ 1.9 litres per minute
  • F-2330275 – Zip GlobalPlus™ Filter Head plus flexi hoses

Zip GlobalPlusTM Water Filtration Kit

Recommended for hard water areas.
0.2 micron (Nominal).
6,435 Litres filtration capacity @ 1.9 litres per minute.


  • Scale
  • Chlorine taste and odour
  • Sediment >0.2 micron nominal,
  • Cryptosporidium parvum ooccyst

Complete ready to install kit includes:

  • 1 x Filter cartridge head.
    1 x Zip GlobalPlus Filter.
    2 x Flexi Hose (1 metre x 8 mm).

Installation of all Filtration Cartridges

Filter cartridge is designed for vertical indoor use only and must not be exposed to the elements of nature.
Do not install or use in direct sunlight, or where ambient air or water temperatures range outside 2°C – 28°C.
Operating pressures range from 200 kPa to 600 kPa.
Never use a Zip filter without a service isolating valve, double nonreturn valve, and pressure reducing valve (if required).
Do not use Zip filters where the water quality is unknown or microbiologically unsafe. Thoroughly flush the water through after periods of non-use longer than 12 hours.
Thoroughly flush water through after periods of non-use longer than twelve hours.
For safe operation, the filter catridge should be replaced every 6 to 12 months, or earlier if you notice:

  1. A persistent reduction in pressure or flow from the outlet or
  2. An unpleasant taste or odour in the water.
scale reducing filter kit installation diagram
Installation and position of the Global Filter kit. Ideally it should be out of sight and under the ktichen or work surface counter.

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