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Does your prices include VAT?

Yes, all our prices on the web includes 15% VAT (Yes we are up to date with the new regulations)

What is the delivery fee to my house?

I don’t know, I also don’t know where you live and what you will be ordering.  So the delivery fee will depend on where you live, the amount of items you are ordering and the size of the items you are ordering.

Can you ship directly to me or is it better that I collect?

Shipping or courier fee varies considerably.  It is cheaper to ship to major centres such as Durban, PE, Johannesburg, Pretoria etc. Once you live in outlying areas such as Springbok, Langebaan, Krugersdorp etc. the price will increase.  Some items will only be shipped to a business address.

Please deliver my items after 18:00 in the afternoon since I am at the gym before that!

NO. Delivery is between 09:00 and 17:00 depending on the courier.  We cannot arrange a specific time of delivery since it is out of our hands.  You will have a reference or tracking number from the courier company that we use so you will be able to track your item.

Can I collect?

Yes you may collect, please phone and arrange for a time to collect.  No appointment, no visit.

Do you carry stock?

We do not have stock at our offices.  All our stock is kept at our suppliers in their warehouses throughout the country. Our suppliers are in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.

Do you accept COD or can I pay when you deliver?

No. All our items require full payment before delivery or collection.

I am a builder, do you provide credit?

We are not a registered financial service provider so we cannot provide any credit.  In any case, if the bank will not why should we?

Please give me you best price?

It’s on the web. But buy bulk and we can negotiate. If you have the guts, make an offer.

Where is your showroom so that I can come and see your products?

We do not have a showroom, we are a web based company.

Why do you not have an address on your website?

We operate in secret. No, if you would like to visit us, please make an appointment and then we will reveal our address.  Just know that our offices and located in Pretoria East.

Can I pay a deposit when ordering?

No, we require the full payment of all orders.  Deposits are only accepted when we import items which is hardly ever.

For which web browser is your website optimised?

Our website is optimised for Internet Explorer 8 or 9.  It works fine with Chrome and Firefox.  It is not optimised for your tablet and you may find weird things happening to images for which we have no control  Please consult the manufacturer of your tablets operating system or web browser for a solution.

Is there a minimum order that we have to place?

No, but if it is for items under R100 try you local stores first since shipping the item to you can cost more than the item.

Can I return my order

Please read our refund policy under legal.

How much will it cost to return my order

Returning your item to us is totally free.  You can send the item via the South Africa Post Office, for which we will charge you a nominal fee to collect the item.  You can also use your local courier to send the item back for which they will charge you a fee.  If you would like us to arrange a courier to collect the item, we will send you a quote from our courier company. The point is, it is your responsibility to bring the item to us, we do not collect for free. We do not refund delivery cost no matter which method you choose to return the items.

Your pictures of the products are stunning, is everything in the image included in the price of the item

The images and lifestyle images of the products in situ are used to provide the buyer a better understanding of the product. Only the product that is described in the specifications section of the product is included. If you are not sure please ask for clarity. For instance, the mirrors shown in the lifestyle images of the vanities are not included, it is only the vanities that are described and specifications provided.  The free standing baths do not include the taps and mixers, only the bath’s specifications are provided.

I am importing, please send a zero rated Tax invoice

No I cannot. Since March 2014 all invoices must be charged with 15% VAT. Read more about the new regulation here