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Instant chilled water drinking fountains

This water chiller provides instant chilled drinking water at your fingertips. Cost effective solution to buying and storing bottled water. Delivers refreshingly chilled water between 5°C and 10°C.Chiller system stored out-of-sight under the bench top.

The three water chilling systems share the same basic cooling mechanism which are as follows:

  • COMPRESSOR – Hermetically sealed reciprocating type. 0.25 HP. 220v AC 50 Hz single phase.
  • CONDENSER  – Fan cooled copper and aluminum finned type.
  • EVAPORATOR – Sealed copper tank. Storage capacity 2.0 litres cooled by copper
  • ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS – Insulated power cable, 2 metre long, with three prong moulded plug.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Enclosed preset thermostat. Easy accessibility by removing front panel
  • REFRIGERANT REFRIGERANT CONTROL – Capillary tube control. No moving parts
  • REFRIGERANT – Refrigerant type R134 A
  • TOP – Satin finish 304 stainless steel top.
  • BASE – 1,2 mm Heavy gauge galvanized steel.

ZIP ChillTap

The under counter, chilled water fountain, convenient snap action lever tap supplies chilled water in offices, schools, factories and at home neatly stowed away but always on tap. The water chiller dispenses 42 litres of chilled water per hour at a constant 11°C. The under counter cabinet is manufactured from 0,7 mm white epoxy coated electro- galvanized mild steel. Filter and stainless steel counter bowl option.

  • Zip ChillTap R 23 368.00 Incl. VAT

    ZIP ChillTap Undercounter instant chilled water unit. Unit to be supplied with tap and spout and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instruction manual and (optional) Zip GlobalPlusTM Water Filtration Kits (highly recommended for hard-water conditions).

  • Spare filters R 3 036.00 Incl. VAT

    FZ-2330274 (480960)
    Zip Global Plus Water Filtration Cartridge (0.2 Micron-11.356 Litres Filtration at 3.8 l/min) (91291)

  • Universal Pre-Filter Kit R 2 357.50 Incl. VAT

    Used with the universal pre-filter filter FZ-233728

  • Pre-filter filter R 184.00 Incl. VAT

    Must be fitted to the Universal inline filter Kit FZ-2330727

  • Universal In-Line Filter Kit R 2 645.00 Incl. VAT

    Universal In-Line Filter Kit excluding filter. Install the Pentair 4DC filter FZ-1330195 or MH2 FZ2330493 filters.

  • Pentair 4DC (Filter Only) R 1 610.00 Incl. VAT

    FZ-1330195 - 11,350 L. Fits on the universal In-Line Filter kit FZ-233704.

  • Pentair MH2(Filter Only) R 3 450.00 incl. VAT

    FZ-2330493 - 34,068 L. Fits on the universal In-Line Filter kit FZ-233704.

  • Carafe spout (Spare) R 1 518.00 Incl. VAT


  • Ambient DIY Filter Kit (Carafe spout sold separately) R 4 439.00 Incl. VAT

    DIY kit to connect to a carafe spout. Includes a filter. Connects to a 15mm BSP female angle valve from the wall inlet. Ideal if you do not want to use the chiller and connect to a ambient drinking fountain such as the F-DF or F-OVAL-C.

Filter installation for the Zip Chilltap

zip ambient filter kit 1330213
DIY kit to connect to a carafe spout. Includes a filter. Connects to a 15mm BSP female angle valve from the wall inlet. Ideal if you do not want to use the chiller and connect to a ambient drinking fountain such as the F-DF or F-OVAL-C
chilltap double filter system zip franke
Universal pre-filter kit (FZ-2330727) with pre-filter filter (FZ-2330728) and inline filter kit (FZ-2330704) with either the Pentair 4DC (FZ-133195) or MH2 (FZ-233493) filters.

ZIP Chillmaster in stainless steel drinking fountain

Pure filtered chilled water. The exclusive activated carbon filter of the Zip Chillmaster removes chlorine, odours and organic growths from the water and delivers pure, hygienic spring water at a rate of 42 litres per hour at a constant 11°C. The Zip Chillmaster delivers its cold water by bubbler and carafe spout.Zip Chillmaster cabinets are manufactured from 0,7 mm grade 304 stainless steel. Plumbed-in directly to the cold water inlet. Zip Chillmaster comes in two configurations: In stainless steel and epoxy white.

Zip Chillmaster free standing water chiller commercial

ZIP EconoMaster in an epoxy white drinking fountain

The Zip EconoMaster economical thirst quencher. The Zip EconoMaster’ S Tough, 0,7 mm white epoxy powder coated, electro- galvanized mild steel provides a durable exterior to this unit. The Zip EconoMaster provides a steady stream of sheer, refreshing, chilled water and is dispensed at a delivery rate of 42 liter’s per hour at 11°C. The Zip EconoMaster Factory- fitted filter optional. The Zip EconoMaster is a cost-effective water chiller, fitted with bubbler and carafe spout. Plumbed-in directly to a cold water inlet.

  • SKU: Old: #380052 New: #2610028
  • Zip EconoMaster (White): R 27 703.50 Incl. VAT
  • Product code: FZ-ECONOMASTER
Zip Economaster chilled water fountain white free standing 2610028

General Specifications

  • Compressor: Hermetically sealed reciprocating type HP 220V AC, 580 Hz phase.
  • Condenser: Fan Cooled copper and aluminium finned type
  • Evaporator: Sealed copper tank, Storage capacity 2.0 liters cooled by a copper coil inside
  • Electrical Connections: Insulated power cable, 2 meters long, with three 15 Amp moulded plug
  • Water Supply: Min 140 kPa – Max 400 kPa
  • Refrigerant: Refrigerant Type R134a – Environmentally Friendly
  • Refrigerant Control: Capillary tube control. No moving parts
  • Temperature Control: Enclosed preset thermostat. Easy accessibility by removing the front panel
  • Top: Grade 304 satin finish Stainless Steel top
  • Base: 1.6 mm Heavy gauge galvanized Steel

Industrial drinking fountains without chilled water

Below are industrial type drinking fountains that use ambient water. Use the WC-109 drinking fountain bubbler to supply water to users.  

factory stainless steel free standing drinking fountain
small drinking fountain basin wall mounted bubbler
Small drinking fountain basin with bubbler