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Stainless steel drinking fountains

Small wall hung drinking fountain

The F-OVAL-C is a very small wall hung basin which is ideal if used as a drinking fountain. Dimensions 330 x 245 x 130mm. The basin is made from grade 304 stainless steel. Standard 40 sink waste. Optional bubbler tap is ordered separate. The basin comes with four 9mm holes for fixing against a brick wall. Screws or bolts not supplied.

small drinking fountain basin wall mounted bubbler
Small drinking fountain basin with bubbler
wall hung factory school drinking fountain tap

DF stainless steel pedestal drinking fountain specification

The DF Pedestal Type Drinking Fountain with dimensions 400 x 400 x 920 mm high is manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless. The unit is highly durable with stainless steel gauge of 1.2 mm (thickness of stainless steel plates). It includes a one piece pressed bowl with a 40 mm waste outlet and removable top section. It is supplied with a Bubbler OR Carafe Spout. In most cases only the bubbler is used especially in locations where vandalism is a problem. Unit to be supplied complete with a reinforced fixing flange at the bottom with a hole to fasten the fountain to a concrete base with 10 mm masonry bolts (see image). The bolts are not supplied.

  • NOTE: Excludes Fittings and Plumbing connections.
  • The Walcro 109 tap is similar to the Bubbler kit (2330286)
  • The drinking fountain does not cool water down, if you like chilled water you need to look at the Zip Water Chillers

Features :

  • Manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1,2 mm gauge
  • Free standing pedestal type drinking fountain
  • Pressed bowl
  • Removable top section
  • Reinforced floor fixing flange.
  • Available with a Carafe Spout or a Bubbler as options
Drinking fountain optional items
UnitOrder codeProduct code
Drinking fountain base unitF- DF2610001 / 352250
Bubbler kitF- DF- BBLR2330286
Bubbler adaptor (copper)F- DF- BBLR- ADAPT2330282
Carafe spoutF- CARAFE2330287
Alternative bubblerW- 109W- 109
Stainless steel drinking fountain without taps or plumbing


Drinking fountain

drinking fountain tap
Walcro W-109 bubbler