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Flat bed stainless steel commercial wash hand basin

Flat Bed Wash Basin specification – Trough type basin

Flat bed Model FB18 or FB24 Wash Hand Basin. These units are manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel: 1,6 mm gauge/thick. It includes a 50 mm deep trough like basin with 40 mm waste outlets and 100 mm apron all round. The basin includes outlets and tap holes evenly spaced and is be fixed to a wall with 3 mm Stainless Steel bracket for reinforcement. Tap holes optional. Custom sizes can be manufactured on request. This is a non-stock item.

Features :

  • Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1,6 mm gauge
  • Shallow trough basin 50 mm
  • 3 mm mounting brackets for reinforcement.
  • With 100 mm apron all round
Flat bed hand wash basin models
Order code (SKU)Factory codeModelDimensions
F-FB18356659 / 2520013FB18 - Three bay1800 x 550 x 50 mm
F-FB24357459 / 2520031FB24 - Four bay2400 x 550 x 50 mm
Wall mounted flat bed shallow stainless steel basin

FR-FB18 model with optional infra-red taps.
4 week lead time for manufacturing

Flat bed diagram

Installation of a flat bed commercial hand wash basin made from stainless steel

A special waste can be fitted if appearance is important. The waste connects to the outlet waste of the basin. The p-trap of the waste is built into the wall so that it is not visible. A plastic service hatch against the wall is the only thing that can be seen under the basin.

Concealed or hidden p-trap built into the wall

Concealed p-trap for shallow basins. Hides the p-trap in the wall.

Recommended taps

Infrared mains hands free sensor basin tap with hot cold mixing

Electronic mains 240V IR sensor tap with hot/cold mixing. No adjustment lever

water saving pillar tap self closing 36265000

Self closing metered tap without hot and cold mixing

Metered water saving tap with temperature control

Self closing water saving pillar tap with hot and cold mixing. Temperature adjustment lever on the side.

Industrial metered self closing tap

Food processing hand wash station accessories

If you are using these basins in a food processing plant you might want to consider these accessories. One of the most important ones are soap dispensers with SABS approved hand wash soap with antibacterial properties. They are either alcohol based or water based. Hand sanitizing soap is not used with hand wash basins as it is waterless. After the users hands are washed they can either dry it with hand dryers or use a automatic towel dispensers. Everything must be hands free though.

N-PHTIC01 Hands free washing soap dispenser

Hands free washing soap dispenser

N-RVU11528 1100ml Foaming Antibacterial Soap Refill SABS approved

1100ml Foaming Antibacterial Soap Refill SABS approved

N-NTD023403 Mini Sensor Towel Dispenser White plastic

Mini Sensor Towel Dispenser White plastic