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Deck mounted basin spouts

Deck mounted spouts are used with hands free knee or foot operated valves/taps. The spouts require a 22mm diameter hole cut into the basin. A standard 15mm male BSP thread is connected with the water supply (either foot or knee valve). The M-DSP-180 can be used with flow limiter, 1.3 L/min or 6 L/min with fine aerator to reduce splashing which makes it more hygienic. Reducing flow rate of a basin spout below 6L/min conforms to “SANS10252 part1(National Regulation): Terminal fitting flow controller”. This is significant as unrestricted spouts, such as the W-SSP/15, can use up to 20 L/min. The only way to reduce water flow is in the foot or knee valve that supplies the water.

swivel basin spout
M-DSP-180 Swivel spout
Deck mounted basin swivel spout. Fine aerator and flow limiter (1.3L/min and 6L/min) optional. 60mm diameter flange for easy tap hole covering.
Hands free basin tap replacement spout
W-SSP/15 Fixed spout
Deck mounted spout to replace the taps. Flow rate not adjustable. No fine aerator to reduce splashing.

Optional flow restrictors with aerators for M-DSP-180 deck mounted swivel spout

neoperl Spout hygiene aerator flow reducer
Aerator with housing. Flow rate 7.5-9.0 L/min. 40% water saving compared to non-regulated spouts.
neoperl spout water flow restrictor
Housing only for water flow spout restrictors/reducers.
neoperl 6l/min water saving reducer taps
6 L/min spout flow restrictor. 50% water saving. Used with thermostatic mixers. Use SW-NE70411398 housing.
neoperl water flow adaptor reducer spouts
1.3 L/min spout flow restrictor. 78% water saving. Use SW-NE70411398 housing.