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Combination bedpan and sluice sink

Double bedpan/sluice sink

Sluice sink

Single bedpan sluice sink

BR Hospital bedpan and bottle rack made from stainless steel

Bedpan and bottle rack

CH Slop Hopper

Stainless steel slop hopper

CHBC slop hopper combo

Slop hopper basin combination

DSBC drip sink cleaner sink combo

Drip sink & basin combination

LDS hospital cleaner sink (drip sink)

LDS Drip sink / cleaner sink

DSG cleaner sink drip sink for hospitals and clinics

DSG Drip-sink / cleaner sink

Hospital, Mortuary and Industrial products

Wall surgeon scrub-up unit

SSF Floor mounted hospital scrub-up basin or sink

Floor surgeon scrub-up unit

SMS hospital mini surgeon scrub sink

Surgeon mini scrub unit

medical basin mss franke 2620259

Medical sinks

hospital combi-ward basin

Hospital combi ward basin

Stainless steel inset baby bath for hospitals and clinics

Stainless steel inset baby bath

Free standing stainless steel baby bath for hospitals and clinics

Baby bath on a table

Stainless steel bath

Stainless steel inset bath

Plaster of Paris table

Plaster of paris sinks

Deko 25

Disinfecting products