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Foot valves and knee valves

Use foot valves and knee valves where hands-free operation is essential due to hygiene and safety. Both foot valves and knee valves are used with stainless steel hand washbasins and wash troughs. The foot and knee valves supply only cold water or pre-mixed water. Pre-mixed water is supplied through a thermostatic mixing valve such as the Meynell 15/3 (One or two adjacent basins) or Rada 222 DK (3-5 adjacent basins). Both thermostatic mixers will prevent hot water scalding thus protecting the user.

Floor mounted boxed hands free foot valve

15mm BSP DZR solid aluminium floor mounted boxed foot valve. Operates as a demand valve, so pressing the lever will allow water to pass through to the basin. Releasing the lever closes water flow. Activated with an inline demand valve. Pressure regulating valve and inline 15 mm strainer not included but highly recommended. Stainless steel grade 304 and 316 (medical/surgical) version also available.

Dimensions: 68 x 68 x 64 mm (Frame)
Dimensions: 88 x 68 x 82 mm (with valve)

NOTE: This unit is not suitable for container filling or use with surgeon scrub units where long activation times are required. Please use the Calderoni valve instead.

Hands free foot operated boxed foot valve

C-BFV-DA – Aluminium
C-BFV-D304 – Grade 304 stainless steel
C-BFV-D316 – Grade 316 stainless steel
New boxed foot valve

Wall-mounted hands free knee valve

15mm BSP DZR brass wall mounted knee valve. Ideal for industrial or commercial applications where the floor needs to be clear of obstacles.  Operates as a metered valve, so pressing the lever with your knee will allow water to pass through for about 8 seconds after which it will shut off automatically.

Always use an inline strainer to prevent dirt from damaging the inside mechanism. Warranty is void if the inline strainer is not used. Maximum pressure allowed is 5.5 bar. If you suspect higher pressures please install a pressure regulating valve. NOTE this is a light duty valve designed for washrooms. it is not designed for continues use such as fast food outlets.

Product code: C-KV

Wall mounted knee valve for hands free washing

C-KV – Knee operated demand valve
Always install an inline strainer and pressure regulating valve with this item


Calderoni metered foot valvemetered foot valve

We are very excited to introduce our new Italian Calderoni commercial mixing foot operated valve to the South African market which will set new standards in quality and durability. Unlike some other “Italian” brands this unit is 100% manufactured in Italy (certified). It is easy to use and extremely durable, This foot valve is unique in several ways:

  • You can set the water flow for 3 seconds up to 50 seconds running time. Flow duration and volume can be adjusted after installation, without removing valve
  • It is manufactured from corrosion resistant DZR brass which is the recommended brass for SA water conditions, however, surprisingly, very few manufacturers use this brass (EN12164 EN12165)
  • This one valve can either be mounted on the floor or against the wall
  • Very light touch required to activate the water flow, kindly to slippered feet
  • Recommended water temperature 5-70 degrees Celsius
  • Min 0,5 bar- Max 6 bar
  • Water flow 12 l/min (3 bar) EN 816:2017
  • 5 Year Italian manufacturing defects warranty
calderoni metered lever foot valve

Calderoni metered lever foot valve. Floor or wall mounted. Flow volume and running time adjustable. Corrosion resistant DZR brass.

View complete single basin installation options here.

Optional items for the knee and foot taps

Oval B Industrial wall hung hand wash basin

Wall mounted Oval-B stainless steel basin

caleffi thermostatic mixing valve 521400

Thermostatic-Mixing-Valve 15mm DZR brass

Hands free basin tap replacement spout

Deck mounted spout to replace the taps

Inline strainer to keep dirt out of taps, mixers and valves

Inline 15mm strainer to keep dirt out of valves.
Included in C-BFV

walcro prv gauge pressure reducing valve

Pressure regulating valve to protect knee operated mixing valves (optional, not included with knee valve)

WARNING: Foot and knee valves must be used with 15mm inline strainers to prevent dirt damaging the interior of mechanism. Warranty is void if no inline strainer is used.If you suspect the pressure exceeding 3-6 bar, please install a pressure regulating valve.