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Toilet flush valves

Toilet flush valves are popular with institutional, commercial, industrial installations of wall hung toilets, back to wall toilets, free standing pedestal toilets, squat pans and slop hoppers such as those used in hospitals. There are various types, but can be categorized into two groups, either hidden or exposed. The hidden and exposed can either be manually operated via a push button or it can be Infra Red activated.

Exposed toilet flush valves

Walcro 550T & 550B flush valves

The Walcro 550T 20 mm BSP exposed lever operated flush valve. Designed for toilets only in commercial applications. Made from DZR brass.  The 550T model comes with straight top entry flush pipe. Not recommended to be used with slop hoppers or sluice sinks as the flow rate will be too low due to the 20 mm BSP inlet. Pressure range: 100 kPa – 600 kPa.

Walcro 550B back entry toilet flush valve
W-550B WC Back entry
W-550SP Squat pan flush valve
Walcro 550T back entry toilet flush valve
W-550T Trop entry

Walcro 106T & 106B toilet flush valves

Walcro 106T top entry toilet flush valve with 25 mm BSP inlet. Comes with exposed handle for activation and made of DZR brass required in all industrial and commercial applications.  The 106T model comes with top inlet flush pipe.  Ideal for top entry toilets. Can also be used for slop hoppers and slop hopper combo. Pressure range: 30 kPa – 600 kPa. Use W-B-106 without down pipe on slop hoppers.

Walcro 106B expossed toilet flushing valve
W-106B back entry
W-106SP squat pan flush valve
Walcro 106T exposed toilet flush valve
W-106T top entry

Walcro 104T & 104B toilet flush valves with isolating valve

Walcro 104T top entry toilet flush valve with isolating valve for easy maintenance. Designed for exposed installation. Made from DZR brass.  This model is similar to the Cobra FM1.210 Flushmaster with Cobra FMT3.4P toilet flush pipe included.  Ideal for top entry toilets, slop hoppers and slop hopper combo’s.  Pressure range: 30 kPa – 600 kPa. The 106B is ideal for pedestal type toilet pans. Use W-B-104 without down pipe on slop hoppers. Standard 25mm main inlet or 32mm on request.

Walcro 104B back entry toilet flush valve
W-104B Back entry
Walcro 104T top entry exposed toilet flush valve
W-104T Top entry

Cobra FM1 exposed toilet flush valves with isolator

Exposed type, back entry toilet flush valve with control stop and wall flange. With bent flush pipe and pan connector SANS 1240. Includes an isolating valve for easy installation and maintenance. Integral vacuum breaker prevents back-siphonage. The unit has adjustable for flow control to cater for various types of toilets. Can be retro-fitted with an extended flush activation lever for ease of use by infirm/disabled people. Inlet flow pressure: 30 – 300 kPa. Maximum system pressure: 300 kPa. 105 Ltrs/min.

cobra fm1 100 back entry exposed flush valve toilet WC
Cobra back entry exposed toilet flush valve with back entry flush pipe CO-FMT1-1
cobra fm1 210 top entry exposed toilet flush valve
Cobra top entry exposed toilet flush valve with top entry flush pipe FMT1-2

Cobra FM2 exposed toilet flush valve

Exposed type toilet flush valve with wall flange. Manufactured according to SANS 1240 specifications. The unit comes with Integral vacuum breaker which prevents back-siphonage. Push button flush activation. The flush volume and flow rate can be adjusted. Butterfly control inlet. Selection of two flush pipes: Back entry bent flush pipe FMT1-1 with rubber pan connector to enable a leak-free/odour free connection between the flush pipe and the toilet C-FMV8-3. Top entry straight flush pipe FMT1-2 with compression pan connector for top entry installation C-FM8-20. Water Supply Requirements: Optimum design pressures: Inlet flow pressure: 30 – 300 kPa and maximum system pressure: 300 kPa at 105 Ltrs/min. For higher pressures please install a pressure regulating valve.

cobra fm2.100 exposed toilet flush valve wc
Cobra exposed back entry toilet Flush valve with flush pipe and connector
cobra fm2.210 exposed toilet wc flush vlave top entry
Cobra Exposed top entry flush valve with pipe and connector

Cobra Junior toilet flush master with captive link

Concealed type toilet flush valve with ball-o-stop and wall flange. Brushed chrome finish. SANS 1240 and JASWIC-listed.

Designed with an integral vacuum breaker, which prevents back syphon age. Hardly any cistern fill up noise. It has a brushed chrome finish, ideal for duct installation. The recommended optimum design pressures are: Inlet flow pressure: 150 – 500 kPa for back entry WC pans. At higher pressures, velocity parameters should be taken into consideration in the installation design. Maximum system pressure: 600 kPa and 65Ltrs/min peak flow rate. Spares: Captive linkage C-FJ8-24, Piston assembly C-FJ8-10 and flushvalve top cover C-FJC1-2

junior toilet flush master
Cobra WC flush Valve CO-FJ4-001

Concealed toilet flush valves

Walcro 107 boxed in wall flush valves

Walcro 107 boxed in wall flush valves are designed for semi-concealed installations. The WC-107C/HP is a 20 mm valve with water supply pressures between 100 kPa and 600 kPa. The WC-107C/LP is a 25 mm valve ideal for water inlet pressure range between 30 – 600 kPa. The 107 range should not be used in high security installations. Please use a duct system for prisons. High water pressure must be reduced with a pressure reducing valve. For optimum performance and low maintenance please install dirt strainers.

Walcro 107 boxed toilet flushing valve
W-107C/HP or W-107C/LP

Walcro 107 installation diagram
Installation diagram

Walcro duct concealed toilet flush valves

In some cases vandalism is a problem so a completely hidden and out of reach flush valve must be installed. That is where a duct is used.  A duct is a long passage way behind the toilets where the flush valves are accessed and can be maintained.  So the flush valve is not accessible from within the bathroom. Three basic duct flush valve models are available and each has three different push button types or designs.

Toilet flush valve duct installation diagram

Duct Flush Valve models
Inlet diameter20 mm25 mm*25 mm
Minimum pressure100 kPa30 kPa30 kPa
Maximum Pressure600 kPa600 kPa600 kPa
Isolating valveNoYesNo
Stainless steel buttonWC-103LC-SSWC-104LC-SSWC-106LC-SS
*Can be ordered with 32mm water inlet
WC-106CXP back entry hidden flush system toilet
WC-106C back entry duct flush valve
WC-104CXP toilet back entry hidden flush mechanism
WC-104C back entry duct flush valve
WC-103CXP back entry hidden flush valve
WC-103C back entry concealed toilet flush valve
Walcro VR flush valve button
VR Button
Walcro XP flush valve button
XP Button

Handicap flush valves

Walcro 104 left and right hand handicap flush valve

The Walcro 104 can alternate for left or right hand use on site by simply rotating the isolating control valve inlet. The inlet is 25 mm diameter and operating pressure is between 30 – 600 kPa (± 3 – 6 Bar). If higher pressures are expected, especially during the night, install a pressure regulating valve.  Dirt strainers will also reduce maintenance and increase the life span of the valve, even if it is used with municipal water.

Walcro handicap toilet flush valve for back entry
Paraplegic toilet flush valve

Walcro 550 right hand only handicap flush valve

The Walcro 550 is a light commercial and residential handicap toilet flush valve. Inlet is 20 mm and operating pressure range is between 100 – 600 kPa (±1 – 6 bar). The 550 can only be used for right hand side activation if looking at the WC. The user must thus activated it with his/her left hand.

Back entry handicap toilet flush valve
Walcro handicap toilet flush valve top entry

Squat pan flush valve

The Walcro 550SP is designed for squat pans or Asian toilets. Inlet is 20 mm and operating pressure is between 100 – 600 kPa (±1 – 6 Bar). The 550 is an exposed back entry valve, so the pipe has to go into the floor and connect to the back of the squat pan. If concealed installation is required please look at the 107B boxed toilet flush valve.

Comes with 1000mm 38mm chrome plated down pipe with 42mm male end cap. 500mm brass 38mm with 41mm male end cap. 75mm brass elbow 45mm female end pieces. The two straight pipes fit into the elbow. 500mm brass pipe fits into the back of the squat pan with a rubber bung supplied with squat pan.

Walcro 550SP Squat pan flush valve

Stainless steel squat pan

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