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BS400 or BS401 Pressed stainless steel Shower Tray

Pressed stainless Steel Shower Tray

Shower tray specification:

Stainless steel shower tray : Model BS400 (800 x 800 x 75 mm deep) OR BS401 (900 x 900 x 75 mm deep), 75 mm deep Pressed Shower Tray. Shower tray manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel with a 1.2 mm gauge. The shower tray has curved corners and a patterned base, with 40 mm apron all round and 38 mm ‘BSP’ integrated waste outlet. (Waste fitting elsewhere measured). Click here to view the dimensions on a separate page


  • Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel 1,2 mm gauge
  • Hygienic cannot chip or crack
  • Designed for the highest level of anti vandal resistance
  • Rounded internal corners for easy cleaning
  • One piece pressed seamless design with raised surface
  • Built- in fall to 38 mm BSP grated waste outlet in corner position
  • Product code: F-BS400 – 800 x 800 x 75 mm
  • Factory code: 2580006
  • Product code: F-BS401 – 900 x 900 x 75 mm
  • Factory code: 2580005
Stainless steel shower tray
F-BS401 and F-BS400 shower tray
F-BS400 900 mm shower tray made from stainless steel
F-BS401 dimensions
Stainless steel shower tray dimensions
F-BS400 dimensions

Vandal resistant shower head

The W-CIRS-V2 is designed for commercial and industrial showering installations. It features a vandal properties, internal strainer and provides jet type spray due to the internal propeller and is far less prone to blocking making maintenance easier.

Use with the W-155S vandal resistant shower metering valve. Automatically shuts off after about 25 seconds.

W-155S vandal resistant prison shower tap valve
Vandal resistant shower metering valve.
Vandal resistant shower head with wall plate for prisons
Vandal resistant shower head with wall plate