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Z-Series adjustable wall shelving

Z-series specifications

Z- Series Adjustable Shelving manufactured from grade 18/10 stainless steel 1,2 mm thick. One piece shelf and integrated bracket with a 25 mm apron to front and sides with 30 mm turn up at back and safety edge on corners. Load capacity: ± 35 – 50 kg per shelf, but rack should not exceed 150 Kg’s.

Z- Series features

  • Modular – easy to assemble, expand and adjust
  • Durable – constructed and designed to the highest standards of strength and hygiene
Franke z-seeries shelving installation room

Wall bands

Z- Series Wall Bands manufactured from grade 18/10 Stainless Steel 1,2 mm thick. Available in 1000 mm; 1500 mm and 1800 mm Lengths and are double slotted to allow for two shelves to be lined up next to each other on a single wall band with very little space between shelves. Optional: Grade 316 Stainless Steel, Solid or Perforated Shelves, 300 or 400 mm Wide Shelves.

Z Series shelving table
Product codesFactory codesType of shelfLengthWidth
F-ZS-0900X300S2620036 / 355064Solid900 mm300 mm
F-ZS-0900X300P2620035 / 355062Perforated900 mm300 mm
F-ZS-0900X400S2620037 / 355070Solid900 mm400 mm
F-ZS-0900X400P2620038 / 355072Perforated900 mm400 mm
F-ZS-1200X300S2620040 / 355082Solid1 200 mm300 mm
F-ZS-1200X300P2620039 / 355080Perforated1 200 mm300 mm
F-ZS-1200X400S2620042 / 355092Solid1 200 mm400 mm
F-ZS-1200X400P2620041 / 355090Perforated1 200 mm400 mm
franke z-series shelving stainless steel 2620036 355064
F-ZS-0900X300S F-ZWB-900
4 Tier Z-Series solid shelving 900 x 300mm with two 1000mm wall bands
franke z-series shelving stainless steel 2620035 355062
F-ZS-0900X300P F-ZWB-900
4 Tier Z-Series perforated shelving 900 x 300mm with two 1000mm wall bands