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Slop hopper sink or sluice sink

This Slop hopper, also referred to as slop or sluice sinks (the newer term), are used to empty and fill pails as well as rinsing out mops. These units can be mostly found in hospitals, clinics, industrial or commercial laundry or cleaning rooms.

CH Slop Hopper specifications:

Slop hopper (model SS-SH is 540 x 540 mm, manufactured from grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel 1,2 mm thick with a 100 mm high integral splash back to the rear and both sides. The cone has an integral flushing rim and a 110 mm waste outlet for pan connector, the inlet is fitted with a 38 x 250 mm long vertical flush pipe for a standard flush valve. Slop hopper fitted with a hinged bucket grid manufactured from 10 mm diameter grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel round bar complete with two 40 x 40 mm square stainless steel wall mounting gallows brackets. Unit fixed to wall 600 mm from the top of the front apron to the finish floor level with 4 off anchor bolts.

Plumbing fittings are not included as they are proprietary to the installation method specifications and the plumbing in the building. Please consult your plumber to connect the correct plumbing fittings. Note the flush valve is optional and are quoted separately.  You may use your own flush valves.  We recommend the following two types of flushing systems.

A slop hopper with stainless steel p-trap is also available and must be ordered with product code SS-SH-SSPT

Slop hopper with flush valve specifications:

  • Walcro W-B-106 – 38 mm water supply flush valve or
  • Walcro W-B-104 with isolating valve, 38 mm water supply flush valve flush pipe connected to CP on brass adapter (Plumbing fittings not included in units).

Make sure when using a flush valve that the municipal water supply does not exceed 3-6 bar during the night.  If it is suspected that the water supply is higher than 6 bar a pressure reducing valve must be installed. Any dirt can also adversely affect the long term operation of flush valves.  Please install an inline strainer such as W-STR-20 or WC-STR-25 to prevent dirt particles damaging the mechanism rendering the slop hopper unusable.

CH Slop Hopper sink price
Above (SS-SH): Taps and plumbing fittings not included. Recommended flush valve: Walcro W-B-104  or W-B-106
Slop hopper with stainless steel p-trap price
Above: CH slop hopper with stainless steel p-trap (SKU: F-CH-SSPT)
Front view and dimensions of the standard CH Slop Hopper
CH Slop hopper top view diagram
Top view showing the movable bucket grid

Slop hopper with high level cistern specifications:

This unit can be adapted to flush using 11 liter stainless steel high level cistern fitted with Supa-Flush Valve and pull chain, 41 mm diameter stainless steel flush pipe and 41 mm chrome plated coupling which is reduced on one end to fit the 38 mm connection on the unit.  The high level cistern is ideal when municipal water supply is not reliable or where there is not enough pressure to operate a standard flush valve.  In most cases the high level cistern is used in rural areas.  The cistern can also be filled with an external water tank.

Slop Hopper High Level Cistern diagram installation
Installation diagram for the stainless steel SS-SH slop hopper with high level cistern.
hospital stainless steel slop hopper high level cistern
Slop hopper with high level cistern

Optional accessories

Tap bracket for slop hopper


Tap bracket to fit under a wall mounted tap to avoid heavy bucket load on taps.
(F-CH-BRCKT – 2120128/354952)

Removable grid for the CH hospital slop hopper


Removable waste grid. Making it easy to remove large objects from the waste or preventing them to be flushed away (F-CH-GRID – 2630038 / 351356)

Recommended flush valves

Walcro 106T exposed toilet flush valve
W-B-106 top entry
Walcro 104T top entry exposed toilet flush valve
W-B-104 Top entry with isolating valve.
Recommended unit.

Recommended tap or trigger spray

Although wall mounted bib taps are installed with slop hoppers it is recommended that a simple trigger spray is installed.  This makes it easy for users to clean out bedpans without spilling or holding the bedpans in position.  The whole system just becomes more hygienic and efficient.

Hand activated trigger spray


Sample installations

Slop hopper with Walcro 106T flush valve (FR-CH + WC-106T)
Slop hopper with W-B-106 flush valve
F-CH + W-B-106
Slop hopper with high level cistern. (FR-CH + FR-CISTERN-H)
Slop hopper with high level cistern. (F-CH + F-CISTERN-H)
Slop hopper with stainless steel trap and Walcro Flush Valve. (FR-CH + WC-104T)
Slop hopper with stainless steel trap and Walcro Flush Valve. (F-CH + W-B-104)
Slop hopper with Walcro 104T flush valve with isolator. The two hands sprays are optional. (FR-CH + WC-104T)
Slop hopper with Walcro 104T flush valve with isolator. The two hands sprays are optional.
F-CH + W-B-104)

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