Waterless hand washing and sanitising gels

Waterless hand washing has become a necessity in areas with water scarcity. Not only in the Western Cape, but companies are trying to use less water in  every aspect of their business. So if water saving is a priority for your company or household, consider our sanitising gels.

5L bulk waterless hand wash gel

For companies with 20 or more people it is more economical to purchase the sanitising gel in bulk format.  Note that not all soap dispensers are suitable for bulk re-filling. The most popular soap dispensers are listed here.

waterless hand wash soap

CL-00606 – R 438.82 Incl. VAT
Waterless hand washing soap
5 L Container

Stainless steel soap dispenser 1250ml

CL-00004 – R 682.94 Incl. VAT
Stainless steel manual soap dispenser
1250 ml

hands free waterless automatic soap dispenser

CL-00008 – R 1 613.02 Incl. VAT
Automatic stainless steel soap dispenser
1250 ml refillable with bulk containers

1300ml cartridge waterless hand wash gel

The 1300ml cartridges are designed for specific hand soap dispensers. We have listed to of the most popular ones here. The sanitising soap can be purchased per unit with a dispenser but it is most cost effective per box of 12 cartridges.

waterless hand wash sanitising gel

CL-00315 – R 186.62 incl. VAT
Waterless hand wash gel
1300ml container
Non refillable

CL-00334 Harmony plastic manual soap dispenser wall mounted

CL-00334 – R 388.38 Incl. VAT
Manual soap dispenser
1300ml container

00338 Harmony automatic hands free soap dispenser

CL-00338 – R 1 316.52 Incl. VAT
Automatic hand soap dispenser
1300ml container

500ml sache waterless hand wash gel

The 500ml sache sanitising gels are designed to work with specific soap dispensers. They are available per box of 12 or you can purchase one with a soap dispenser.

waterless hand wash soap

CL-00322 – R 75.66 incl. VAT
Waterless hand was sanitising gel sachet

small wall mounted gel soap dispenser

CL-00320 – R 249.17 incl. VAT
Manual white soap dispenser
500ml saches

grey gel hand soap dispenser

CL-00321 – R 421.78 Incl. VAT
Manual soap dispenser in grey
500ml saches