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Waterless hand washing and sanitisers

Waterless hand washing and sanitizer have become a necessity in areas with water scarcity. Not only in the Western Cape, but companies are trying to use less water in every aspect of their business. So if water saving is a priority for your company or household, consider our sanitising gels.

elbow action wall mounted soap dispenser covid approved
Elbow action wall mounted soap dispenser.
500 ml top up bottle. No screws included.
waterless hand wash soap
5L Waterless hand washing gel
70% alcohol.

400ml Manual hand sanitisers

Waterless hand sanitiser dispenser, that leaves your hands feeling fresh and clean.  Ideal for food handling and processing areas as well as healthcare facilities. Offices and washrooms can benefit from having this dispenser up to help prevent the spread of germs. Antimicrobial protection in the push lever inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives added protection. The patented pump system, allows the refill to be transferred between wash areas with low and high traffic. Dose size 0.2ml per shot giving 2000 shots of hand sanitiser per 400ml refill.

N-SDM-04-WHITE 400ml Instant Hand Sanitiser Dispenser SABS approved
N-SDM-04-SATIN hand sanitizer 400ml
N-SDM-04-SSTEEL 400ml waterless hand washing
Product codeDescriptionPrice Incl. VAT
N-SDM-04-WHITE400ml Manual Spray Soap Dispenser whiteR 452.93
N-SDM-04-SATIN400ml Manual Spray Soap Dispenser satinR 831.54
N-SDM-04-SSTEEL400ml Manual Spray Soap Dispenser SSR 1 594.07
N-SDM-04-SP-HS400ml Hand Sanitizer. 2000 shots SABS approvedR 144.46
N-SDM-04-SP400ml Lotion Soap. 2000 shotsR 146.84
N-SDM-04-CLEAN400ml Seat & Handle CleanerR 95.54
N-SDM-04-PUMP400ml Spray Dispenser Replacement PumpR 86.69


5L bulk waterless hand wash gel

For companies with 20 or more people it is more economical to purchase the sanitising gel in bulk format.  Note that not all soap dispensers are suitable for bulk re-filling. The most popular soap dispensers are listed here.

waterless hand wash soap
Waterless hand washing soap
5 L Container
Stainless steel soap dispenser 1250ml
CL-00004 – R 720.66 Incl. VAT
Stainless steel manual soap dispenser
1250 ml
CL-01046 auto white soap dispenser

500ml and 800ml sachet or refill waterless hand wash spray

The 500ml & 800ml sachet are designed for specific hand soap dispensers.  The sanitising spray soap can be purchased per unit with a dispenser but it is most cost effective per box of 12 saches. These dispensers can be converted with refillable bottles so you can use your own waterless spray soap. Note to change to a foam or gel you will have to change the nozzle as well.

Sachets can be purchased without the pump. So the pump can be used several times with more than one sachet until it needs replacement. Thus saving cost.

  • CL-01131: 500ml sanitizing hand spray sachet – comes with the pump
  • CL-01131-C: 500ml sanitising hand spray no pump (pump CL-00996)
  • CL-01097: 500ml refillable bottle and use your own soap with spray pump CL-00996
  • CL-01015: 800ml sanitizing hand spray sachet – comes with the pump
  • CL-01015-C: 800ml sanitising hand spray no pump (pump CL-00992)
  • CL-01107: 800ml refillable bottle and use your own soap with spray pump CL-00992

CL-00986 500ml manual white plastic soap dispenser
R 335.39 Incl. VAT
500ml manual white plastic soap dispenser

CL-00984 800ml manual white soap dispenser
R 382.08 Incl. VAT
800ml manual white soap dispenser

500ml sachet waterless hand wash gel

The 500ml sache sanitising gels are designed to work with specific soap dispensers. They are available per box of 12 or you can purchase one with a soap dispenser.

waterless hand wash soap
CL-00322 – R 610.38 incl. VAT
Waterless hand was sanitising gel sachet – 6/box

small wall mounted gel soap dispenser
CL-00320 – R  385.78 incl. VAT
Manual white soap dispenser
500ml saches

grey gel hand soap dispenser
CL-00321 – R 596.85 Incl. VAT
Manual soap dispenser in grey
500ml saches