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Hands-free washbasin combo’s

Hands free basin complete setup

A complete setup for hands free washing, suitable for high traffic areas such as factories, food processing plants, laboratories, doctors rooms, clinics and more. Both these setups allow mechanical mixing of hot and cold water before it reaches the foot operated valve. The Boxed Foot Valve and the Calderoni foot valve do not mix hot and cold water. The samples bellow show a mechanical mixer but a thermostatic mixer can also be installed. A thermostatic mixer ensures that the temperature of the mixed water will never scald or burn the users hands.

wall mounted foot valve complete set with hot and cold water mixer
Calderoni wall mounted foot valve for hands free washing complete setup using a mechanical hot and cold mixer.
foot valve installation thermostatic mixer
Calderoni wall mounted foot valve with thermostatic mixer installed
Calderoni wall mounted foot valve using cold water only
Calderoni wall mounted foot valve using cold water only

Freestanding foot-operated hands-free basin

Stainless steel hands free foot operated washbasin. Supplied complete with water spout positioned in rear right-hand corner or to the left and with a 40 mm waste outlet. Fitted with an industrial metered valve. The foot valve is activated by pressing the lever lightly. The water will run for 8-15 seconds. Note that the lever must not be held down for the water to flow. The mechanism significantly reduces wear and tear. Spare valves cartridges are available. The valve supplies cold water or pre-mixed warm water only. Mixing can be done with either a mechanical hot/cold mixer (CO-EL-X60) or a thermostatic valve (W-15/3, LX-TV-22CXC or CA-521400). This basin is ideal for the light traffic installations.

  • Dimensions: 880 x 520 x 420 mm.
  • Bowl dimensions: 440 x 270 x 170 mm


The foot valve can be set to the left, right or center, depending on user preference.

free standing basin foot tap valve hand wash
Free standing basin with metered self closing Calderoni foot valve for hands free washing. Basin and stand made from Grade 304 stainless steel.

Wall mount knee operated hands-free washbasin

Heavy duty stainless steel hands-free washbasin with knee operated tap. We include the water spout, placed in the rear right-hand corner and a 32 mm waste outlet. Note: The metered valve and the pipework linking the water spout to the knee operated front panel is supplied with the washbasin. The valve does not mix hot and cold water, so the supply is cold water only. Using hot water requires either a mechanical mixing valve (CO-El-X60 or SL-MIX) or a thermostatic mixing valve (W-15/3). Wall-mounted by fitting a top joggle strip under the upstand return and by screw fixing through the integral rear brackets. Screws and plugs are not included. This basin is ideal for the food industry, hospitals, clinics and doctors surgery rooms.

hands free basin complete c-hfb stainless steel knee operated
Wall-mounted heavy duty knee operated hands-free basin with splashback
Grade 304 stainless steel

Light duty Wall mount knee operated hands-free washbasin

Below are two light-duty commercial hands-free basins and is ideal for washrooms and laboratory installations. The basins come complete with deck mounted spout, metered valve and wall-mounted basins. Spare valves and spouts are available on request. The bowl of the basin is made from 0.8mm grade 430 stainless steel while the frame is grade 304 stainless steel. C-HFB-S-BTN comes with an imported Italian hot and cold water mixing valve.

hands free wall mount knee operated basin washing
Hands-free wall mounted knee operated light duty basin
Hot cold mixing device optional
hands free small basin light duty
Wall-mounted hands-free button activated hand wash basin with an integrated manual hot and cold mixing device.


Essential accessories for the hands-free basin systems

thermostatic medical mixing valve tempering hot cold water
Install the thermostatic valve at the inlet of the foot or knee-valve. The thermostatic valve mixes hot and cold water in such a ration that prevents scalding of users hands.
walcro prv gauge pressure reducing valve
Pressure-regulating valve to protect knee operated mixing valves
Inline strainer to keep dirt out of taps, mixers and valves
Inline strainer to remove dirt particles in the water that can damage the knee or foot valves
etude stainless steel hand dryer
Stainless steel hands free hand dryer. 2500W
CL-00753 1200ml stainless steel manual soap dispenser
Stainless steel soap dispenser 1200 ml refillable. Gel soap only
CL-01046 auto white soap dispenser
Sensor operated hands free soap or sanitizer dispenser (gel, foam or spray) in refillable bottles or sachets.