Hands free wash basin combo’s

Integrated hands free wash basin combo with splashback

Stainless steel hands free wash basin with knee operated tap. Supplied complete with water spout positioned in rear right hand corner and 32 mm waste outlet. Note: The metered valve and the pipe work linking the water spout to the knee operated front panel is all supplied with the washbasin. The valve does not mix hot and cold water, so the supply is cold water only. In order to have warm water a thermostatic valve is required. Wall mounted by fitting a top joggle strip under the up stand return and by screw fixing through the integral rear brackets. Screws and plugs are not supplied. This basin is ideal for food industry, hospitals, clinics and doctors surgery rooms.

hands free basin complete c-hfb stainless steel knee operated

Integrated knee operated hands free basin
Grade 304 stainless steel

Hands free wash basin combo

The hands free wash basin combo is one of the more popular systems on the market. Each item is optional and can be obtained separately. The combo below is the most hygienic. The system as is does not provide hot water, you require a thermostatic mixing valve to pre-mix the water just before the knee operated valve. The thermostatic valve is specially designed to reduce the water temperature below 42°C to prevent scalding (burning of skin)

Installation sample of hands free washing basin for the food industry

Sample installation of a hands free wash basin with knee valve

Hands free basin combos. All items optional
Unit descriptionOrder code
Oval B basinF-OVAL-B
Deck mounted spoutW-SSP/15
Knee operated valveC-KV
Hands free soap dispenersN-PHTIC01
1100ml Foaming Antibacterial Soap Refill SABS approvedN-RVU11528
Etude CLX2500 Automatc Hand DryerCL-00059
Thermostatic valve (not shown)GR-THERM, CO-EL-X60 or W-15/3
IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFORMATION: An inline strainer and pressure regulating valve must be installed before the hands free units. Failing to do so will void the warranty on the valves.

Essential accessories for the hands free basin systems

Rada Meynell 15/3 hot and cold water mixing device

The thermostatic valve can be installed before the inlet of the knee or foot valve to supply comfortable warm water without the risk of burning.

walcro prv gauge pressure reducing valve

Pressure regulating valve to protect knee operated mixing valves

Inline strainer to keep dirt out of taps, mixers and valves

Inline strainer to remove dirt particles in the water that can damage the knee or foot valves

Etude stainless steel hand dryer

Stainless steel hands free hand dryer. 2500W

N-PHTIC01 Hands free washing soap dispenser

Hands free washing soap dispenser

N-RVU11528 1100ml Foaming Antibacterial Soap Refill SABS approved

1100ml Foaming Antibacterial Soap Refill SABS approved