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CHBC Slop hopper basin combination sink


Franke model CHBC Slop Hopper Wash hand basin combo unit 965 x 550 mm manufacture from grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel 1,2 mm thick with a 100 mm high integral splash back to the rear and both sides. The cone has an integral flushing rim and a 110 mm waste outlet for pan connector, the inlet is fitted with a 38 x 250 mm long vertical flush pipe for a standard flush valve. Unit fitted with a hinged bucket grid manufactured from 10 mm diameter grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel round bar. Wash hand basin size 360 x 280 x 140 mm deep with a 40 mm waste outlet is included on the left or right hand side (please specify). Unit complete with two 40 x 40 mm square stainless steel wall mounting gallows brackets. Unit fixed to wall 850 mm from the top of the front apron to the finish floor level with 4 off anchor bolts (bolts specified elsewhere).
Standard Flushing Method Using Flush Valve methods:

  • Walcro W-B-106 – 25 mm water inlet supply flush valve or
  • Walcro W-B-104 with isolating valve, 25 mm water inlet supply flush valve flush pipe connected to CP on brass adapter (Walcro fittings not included in units).

Specification for 11 litres Stainless Steel Cistern:

Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel high level cistern fitted with PVC Beta valve and pull chain connected to slop hopper with 41 mm stainless steel flush pipe and CP on brass adapter
Alternative Flushing Method Using High Level Cistern:

Slop Hopper can be adapted to flush using an 11 liters high level cistern (Supplied as an optional extra).


  • Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel 1.2 mm gauge
  • Hygienic and durable
  • Hinged bucket grid (Optional)
  • Outlet to suit standard 110 mm PC or cast iron “P”- Trap
  • Pressed wash hand basin integrated into a stepped work top for maximum hygiene.
  • 150 mm splash back
  • 40 mm Square tube brackets to allow for wall mounting
  • Options to use the system with high level cistern, low level cistern or various high pressure flush valves
  • Various types of taps can be installed on the basin. The most popular ones are metered pillar taps to save water.
CHBC combination stainless steel slop hopper with cistern
Slop hopper to the right with a high level stainless steel cistern installed. high pressure flush valve such as the W-B-106 or W-B-104 can also be used if municipal water pressure is available.

Model CHBC slop hopper basin combo

The Model CHBC is a compact slop hopper with small basin. There is space for one or two pillar taps. The basin is close enough to the back for a wall mounted mixer, however a swivel spout is not recommended as the water might splash on the work surface.

CHBC Stainless steel slop hopper right hand bowl
CHBC-LHB 351360 / 2630039-001
Slop hopper to the right
CHBC Stainless steel slop hopper left hand bowl
CHBC-RHB – 356664 / 2630057-001
Slop hopper to the left

Model SHBC slop hopper basin combo

the model SHBC is a new design with large deep bowl basin suitable for pillar taps or kitchen sink mixers. The basin is too far from the back for wall mounted taps.  The slop hopper section is lowered for easier access than the CHBC. Extra hygiene is achieved with higher splashbacks to the back and additional splashback on the side of the slop hopper so that the wall or floor next to the hopper does not get dirty.

hospital slop hopper basin combo left hand stainless steel supplier
Slop hopper basin combo left hand
slop hopper stainless steel right hand wall mounted supplier
Slop hopper basin combo right hand

Slop hopper basin combo one level

The Slop hopper basin combo on one level is used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and processing factories.  It comes standard with a large sink 490 x 400 x 190 mm. However this bowl can be customized to customer needs. The slop hopper can be placed either to the right or to the left. Model shown is with a WC-106T flush valve but a high level cistern can also be used if water pressure and flow is a problem.

slop hopper basin combination one level hospital - Model DUHS
SS-SHBC-OLSB-R with splashback
SS-SHBC-OL-R without splashback
Slop hopper basin combination all on one level

Alternatives to the CHBC slop hopper

DSBC Drip sink combo right hand version (350955)
DSBC-LHB or DSBC-RHB hospital drip sink basin combination

CH Slop Hopper
CH Slop hopper