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Stainless Steel Sanitary Ware – Vandal resistant

Stainless steel sanitary ware designed for ultimate hygiene solutions and ease of installation in public ablutions. The range caters for a wide variety of applications, from recreational facilities, shopping centers, petrol stations, airports and stadiums. New technology has been introduced to produce a new range that delivers high performance and aesthetically pleasing designs, to compliment the rest of the Franke sanitary ware products. This range includes stainless steel toilets for all applications, stainless steel urinals and stainless steel squat pans.

Back to wall shrouded pan

Stainless steel toilet: Shrouded vandal resistant pan

Stainless steel train toilet

Stainless steel toilet suitable for trains, buses etc.

HCL Toilet pan

Stainless steel floor mounted toilets / pans

Stainless steel wall hung pan

Stainless Steel Wall hung toilets (Model CMPX)

Stainless steel bowl urinal

Stainless Steel Wall Hung Urinals

Long wall mounted curved back trough urinal with cistern

Stainless Steel Curved Back Trough Urinals

Trough urinal manual flush

Stainless Steel Flat Back Trough School Urinals

CMPX538 Wall hung urinal

Stainless Steel Vandal Resistant Wall Urinals

Stainless steel shower tray

Stianless Steel Shower Trays

Stainless steel shower panel

Stainless Steel Shower Panels

Stainless steel squat pan

Stainless Steel Squat Pans

Stainless steel cistern

Stainless steel cisterns