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Bathrooms Vandal resistant shower head with wall plate for prisons

Vandal resistant shower head

Vandal resistant shower head The W-CIRS-V2 is a vandal resistant shower head designed for industrial and commercial installations. The unit features vandal resistant properties by fixing the head onto a wall plate. . The inline strainer prevents nozzle blockages. The nozzle provides jet type spray which is cause by the internal propeller type mechanism of the nozzle. The design reduces scale buildup reducing maintenance. The shower nozzle is designed to save water and does not…

Bathrooms wall mounted basin mixer chilli-b

Disadvantages of wall mounted basin mixers

Someone asked me the other day what is the disadvantage of wall mounted basin mixers. For a second or so I just could not understand why the question came up, I mean, if it fits your style, fit it.  But after sleeping over it there are some issues to consider.  I have compiled the most important advantages and disadvantages of wall mounted basin mixers: Disadvantages of wall mounted basin mixers: You are limited in mirror…

Bathrooms Overflow for a free standing bath

Do you need an overflow for your bath?

The only reason bath tubs come with an overflow is because of insurance purposes. So the answer is, no you don’t have to have an overflow in your bath. However, it is recommended to have an overflow if you have kids and a lot of carpets in the house. So kids+carpets-overflow can spell a bad thing ito bank balance, cause the insurance will not pay out if there is no overflow in your bath. …

Bathrooms Top 5 baths of 2012

The top 5 popular modern luxury free standing baths in 2012

Free standing baths have a certain luxury appeal. One thing is for certain, they are more comfortable than standard acrylic baths. A big advantage of stone baths over acrylic is that your water will stay warmer for longer.  So you save energy. A free standing bath is not for everyone, because you will need a moderate size bathroom to install one.  Most bathrooms in town houses are too small, and in my opinion, only have…


5 common mistakes when renovating a small bathroom

1. Having a shower and a bath Let’s face it, having a bath once in a year is great, but it takes a lot of space. If it is not your main bathroom, ditch the bath and install a larger shower. You really don’t need a bath and shower if your children are teenagers. Instead of a puny 800x800mm shower, make a 1000x800mm shower that is comfortable. 2. Keeping your closed couple toilet Concealed cisterns…


Are wall hung toilets a good option for my bathroom

This question has popped up numerous times, not because people really doubt that wall hung toilets with concealed cisterns are bad, but because they are given bad advice from lazy and inept installers.  Yes I am being quite direct here. Installing a concealed cistern from either Geberit or Grohe takes a little more effort since you have to at least look (not read, just pictures in the manuals) at a manual compared to closed couple…

Bathrooms shower bath screen

Shower bath installation instructions for Discovery Shower Bath and glass panel

Shower baths are used in bathrooms designs where space is at a premium.  A shower bath replaces both the bath and a shower in one so they can free up significant space in older bathrooms.  Shower baths can be a DIY project and here is a quick guide of how to install a shower bath. The installation instructions for the Discovery shower bath is discussed here and it includes the glass shower panel. Install the…


Trolle & tektoniese plate van silikon

‘n Meer filosofiese benadering tot ‘n mens se herstelwerk Ek is 10 jaar oud.  Dit is al na 10 in die aand.  Die opmerking ‘gaan slaap’ het nie die effek soos die skoen teen my kop gehad nie. Met hare wat rys op my nek vlug ek die donker trappe op na my kamer.  Edward Grieg se “In the Hall of the Mountain King”, se laaste beweging speel af soos wat ek ‘n paar meter voor my bed…


Mosaics can make a shower

Which mosaics can I use in my shower? Mosaics, come in many different materials, shapes, colours and textures. The most well known are River Glass which are mostly used by hobyists and the like to create composite images. Also well known are the ceramic pool mosaics. The most significant factor that has changed is the material from which mosaics are made.  It used to be only glass or ceramic, but now there are mosaics made from natural stone…