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1. Having a shower and a bath

Let’s face it, having a bath once in a year is great, but it takes a lot of space. If it is not your main bathroom, ditch the bath and install a larger shower. You really don’t need a bath and shower if your children are teenagers. Instead of a puny 800x800mm shower, make a 1000x800mm shower that is comfortable.

2. Keeping your closed couple toilet

Concealed cisterns save space. They are usually installed with either a wall hung toilet pan or back to wall pan. Wall hung toilets look neat and you can clean under the toilet which is much more hygienic than those old closed couple systems (who cleans behind them?). There are a variety of actuators from Grohe and Geberit, some can be customized with wall paper or printed glass. The latest trend is the DuoFresh from Geberit which removes odours.

If you cannot install a concealed cistern, there is always the Geberit Monolith which is a modern slim-line version of a closed couple toilet. The Monolith accepts either wall hung toilets or back to wall toilets. The Monolith is ideal if you do not want to break into your bathroom walls.

3. Don’t use large vanities

You really don’t need to install a large vanity to store all your bathroom items. Use recesses throughout the bathroom walls for various items, for instance, a small recess above the bath, inside the shower, next to the toilet and above the basin. Recesses are great for putting all the items where they are used, not locked up at the back of a vanity where you cannot reach. Use a floating vanity with drawers so that your items are more accessible.

4. Free standing basins use a lot of space

I know a free standing basin is cool, but they waste a lot of surface area in small bathroom. Buy a floating vanity with matching basin so that the top surface of the vanity/basin can be used. A floating shelf with under mounted basin is also a great idea. It provides a clean un-cluttered look which is important in small bathrooms.

5. Combine separate toilet and bathroom

Depending on how many people are living with you, a separate toilet can be a waste of space. If you have 10 children, well yes I would recommend a bathroom with separate toilet, but with households with 1-2 children, no. Kids will quickly learn to get up earlier in the morning to avoid bathroom rush hour.


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