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Advantages of wall mounted water boilers vs urns

Advantages of wall mounted water boilers vs urns: Convenience of on tap boiling water for staff refreshment, 24 hours a day – no more time wasted waiting for water to boil – increases productivity and reduces time wasted. Plumbed in to the mains cold water supply – automatically refills and recovers the volume of water drawn – no need to have a dedicated staff member keeping unit full of water – reduces cost. Steam free…

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7 Worst mistakes when designing a kitchen

No kitchen is perfect, but making one of the big mistakes can ruin your house. Sort of. Your kitchen is the most important room in the house. It is the heart of your home, it is where the food for the soul is made…bla-bla-bla, whatever, but it is true and you know it. If you are designing your first kitchen, take cognisance what is being said, if you are a designer or if remodelling your…


5 common mistakes when renovating a small bathroom

1. Having a shower and a bath Let’s face it, having a bath once in a year is great, but it takes a lot of space. If it is not your main bathroom, ditch the bath and install a larger shower. You really don’t need a bath and shower if your children are teenagers. Instead of a puny 800x800mm shower, make a 1000x800mm shower that is comfortable. 2. Keeping your closed couple toilet Concealed cisterns…