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Advantages of wall mounted water boilers vs urns

Advantages of wall mounted water boilers vs urns: Convenience of on tap boiling water for staff refreshment, 24 hours a day – no more time wasted waiting for water to boil – increases productivity and reduces time wasted. Plumbed in to the mains cold water supply – automatically refills and recovers the volume of water drawn – no need to have a dedicated staff member keeping unit full of water – reduces cost. Steam free…

Sinks Stonebuilt granite kitchen sink in new colours

Stonebuilt granite kitchen sinks – now in new colours

Stonebuilt granite kitchen sinks are not cutout from stone but are made from granite powder and small portion of resin to form a mould.  Basically it is made in the same way as kitchen tops and some modern composite baths, basins and butler sinks. The modern technology has allowed these granite kitchen sinks to be extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing. Some of the advantages of Stonebuilt granite sinks are: Granite sinks are extremely scratch resistant…

Kitchens Difference between ceramic, engiineered and stainless steel butler sinks

The difference between ceramic, engineered stone and stainless steel butler sinks

I have been asked so many times what is the difference between the ceramic, engineered stone and stainless steel butler sinks, that I thought I would post it on the web. The one is not better than the other.  It really depends on your application and what you intend to use it for.  For light lab work with a lot of glassware, I would recommend the engineered stone types.  If you are going to use…

Kitchens KK-FPRX-10-UB - Undercounter

Under counter geyser ideal for rooms with no kitchen

Under counter geyser is the ideal solution if you do not have easy access to a geyser. Under counter geysers are ideal for locations like: Doctors rooms: Some office buildings are not planned optimally and often converted. So access to a geyser is a problem. In most cases there is at least a water point and an electrical plug which makes the installation of this unit very easy. Braai areas: you don’t need a full…

General undermount kitchen stainless steel sinks

Undermount sinks – secrecy of the hidden

The popularity of undermount sinks is growing because of what they offer to kitchen design. Expose more of  your luxury countertop and the desired kitchen deign without having any obstacles for cleaning. Teka and Blanco undermount series offer a huge collection of shapes, sizes and configurations that can easily be customised adding more single units or accessories. Undermount sinks should be used only with solid countertops of marble, granite or modern composite materials such as Caeserstone (engineered…

Kitchens kitchen drawers

7 Worst mistakes when designing a kitchen

No kitchen is perfect, but making one of the big mistakes can ruin your house. Sort of. Your kitchen is the most important room in the house. It is the heart of your home, it is where the food for the soul is made…bla-bla-bla, whatever, but it is true and you know it. If you are designing your first kitchen, take cognisance what is being said, if you are a designer or if remodelling your…


Zip HydroTap Compact2

The Zip HydroTap Compact2 The Zip HydroTap Compact2 is the most advanced boiling and chilled water system for residential use today. Initially it might seem a bit pricey, but if you think about it, instant boiling or chilled water is an awesome feature.  No more waiting for  the kettle to boil, no more opening and closing of the refrigerator causing the milk to go off.  This tap will be one of the most used items…


Zip HydroTap Miniboil Elite

Zip HydroTap Miniboil Elite Features Super-compact, super-simple instant boiling water system for home kitchens. Press the red touch pad and safety lock together for filtered boiling water, instantly. No more waiting for water to boil for tea, coffee and cooking. Press the blue touch pad for filtered ambient water, instantly. Great tasting freshly filtered water for cool drinks and cooking. Permanent safety lock requires two finger operation to access boiling water. Temperature status indicator light…


Glossary of terms fo kitchen sinks

Drop-on or Lay On: Drop-on or lay-on sinks come in various lengths but the width is usually 600 mm instead of 450 – 500 mm like drop-in sinks.  So the width of the drop-on is as wide as the working surface.  It basically replaces the granite or work top completely.  These types of sinks are being replaced by the drop-in and undermount sinks. Drop-in or Inset or self rimming: Kitchen sinks were traditionally of the…