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Vandal resistant shower head

The W-CIRS-V2 is a vandal resistant shower head designed for industrial and commercial installations. The unit features vandal resistant properties by fixing the head onto a wall plate. . The inline strainer prevents nozzle blockages. The nozzle provides jet type spray which is cause by the internal propeller type mechanism of the nozzle. The design reduces scale buildup reducing maintenance. The shower nozzle is designed to save water and does not require a regulator.

  • Inlet connection: ½” BSP female (15mm)
  • Flow rate: 6 – 9 L/min – Pressure dependent.
  • Minimum effective pressure 1 bar
  • Strainer: Internal – Shower head must be removed.
Vandal resistant industrial commercial shower head
The vandal resistant shower head consists of four parts, the shower head, wall plate, grub screw and an allen key

It is ideal for hostels, schools, sports arenas, hospitals, clinics, factory ablutions, mining and homes that are rented out.

Use the concealed W155 or W-155S showering metered valve for extreme vandal prone installations. These metered valves do not mix hot and cold water, so they are not mixers such as conventional shower mixers. For hot water a thermostatic mixing valve must be installed either at each shower point or one valve for the whole shower room. Any of these valves can be connected to the shower head.

Walcro urinal flush valve
Vandal resistant prison type urinal flush valve with stainless steel sleeve
cobra COB-128-20 shower taps
Undertile shower taps

Below is a sample of six showers that are connected to a W-RAD320C industrial thermostatic mixing valve. These thermostatic mixing valves prevent users from burning or scalding by limiting the maximum blended temperature, making showering safer for users.

When using standard shower mixers or hot and cold undertile taps a thermostatic mixer is not always required. However, it is highly recommended in institutions with disabled people, mentally handicapped and children. Below is just a sample of a unit that can support six showers, smaller units are also available. The number of showers that can be supported will depend on the water flow and pressure from the main supply.


commercial factory shower installation thermostatic valves
Typical thermostatic valve shower installation.




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