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Suppliers of industrial stainless steel products in South Africa. Our industrial section focuses on mainly grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel hospital, mortuary, sanitary and washroom products that are used in commercial and industrial applications.

Stainless steel toilet seats

One of the enquiries we get most often is for stainless steel toilet seats. In most cases it is because it is perceived as the most vandal resistant option in toilet seats. However, stainless steel toilet seats are not available in South Africa at all. Why not then? Currently stainless steel sanitary ware is used for commercial and industrial applications where hygiene and durability is of foremost importance, not aesthetics. A stainless steel toilet seat…

Industrial flush valves installation models

Flush mechanism options for industrial toilets

Industrial stainless steel toilets have various flushing options to suit your needs.  Aesthetics is not the primary focus but functionality.  In most cases companies install a stainless steel toilet due to vandalism and it is also the flush mechanism that suffers. So selecting the right one for the industry is crucial. There are three basic flush systems available: Exposed flush mechanism (This includes cisterns, push button flush systems and IR flush systems) Built in wall…

Industrial vandal resistant toilet seats

Selecting the most suitable stainless steel toilets

There is more variation in the application of industrial stainless steel toilets than in residential toilets.  The main concerns when selecting a stainless steel toilet is vandalism, not only to the toilet itself, but to the flushing mechanism as well. There are basically three types of stainless steel toilets Pedestal type ( F-HCL Pedestal pan and SS-PAN-FM toilet pan) Back to wall type (HDTX592 and SS-PAN-BW) – about 8 variations available Wall hung type (CMPX…

Industrial kwikboil water heater urn office boiler wall hung

Tips on how to find faults with your Kwikboil water heater

If you have a Kwikboil water heater installed or if a new one has been installed and there are problems, please check the following items.  If the problem persists, contact your local plumber or electrician to help you. The Kwikboil unit does not fill with water. Possible Causes: There is no power supply. There is no water supply. The filter is blocked. This is often a problem with new building installations.  The water pipes are…


Kwikboil water heaters – ideal office urn for 24/7 boiling water

Kwikboil water heater is a small “geyser” designed to provide near boiling water 24/7.  Most companies are replacing their kettles and old urns for Kwikboil water heaters because of the convenience and savings on electrical bill. Not only that, but employees waste a lot of time standing next to the kettle and waiting for it to boil. So having a Kwikboil water heater increases productivity in the workplace as well. The main benefits of the…

Industrial industrial sanitary supplier catering sinks toilets basins hands free knee valve

What makes our stainless steel products different

What makes our stainless steel products different? No compromise when it comes to quality! Our designs and construction ensure that our products meet the demands of safety, hygiene and quality. The products are certified to ISO9001: 2008 quality management standards. The use of Stainless Steel as the material of first choice for products in public and semi-public washrooms has become today’s standard for good reasons: This material is robust and, easy to maintain, and therefore…


How to install the HCL pedestal pan – Installation manual

This is the basic instructions of how to install the stainless steel HCL pedestal pan with a back entry exposed flush valve (not shown).  This installation instruction can also be used for the back entry hidden or concealed valve installation. Step 1: Drill holes with centre height 233 mm from the finished floor. Note that the floor must be finished and completed, if you still need to screed or install tiles, the 233 mm height…


Installation guide of the C-BFV basin demand foot valve

The C-BFV is a foot operated valve with a single lever for cold potable water. Blended water can be achieved by installing a thermostatic valve such as the Rada Meynell 15/3 or Rada 215.  The foot valves operate between 5-70°C and have a 15mm diameter BSP Female inlet connection. Water pressure should be between 0.5-6.0 bar.  The recommended pressure is 3 bar. Many industrial sites lack pressure regulating valves, so make sure the pressure that…

Industrial zip hydroboil boiled water tap on demand

My Zip Hydroboil is not working after installation – What do I do now?

If you have just installed your Zip Hydroboil system by a qualified plumber (or if you are the plumber) and it is not working, please check all the following questions.  These questions need to be clarified before a warranty claim can be logged.: Was the Zip Hydroboil installed by a qualified electrician? Has the unit been installed correctly as per the installation guide Is there water supplied to the unit on Was water running from…

Industrial Hands free foot and knee valves South Africa for the food industry

Foot valves and knee valves – how and when to use them

Foot valves and knee valves are used when workers require hands free operation of the water supply. Foot valves are either used in the food industry, where hygiene is crucial and taps create a significant spot for contamination of bacteria and diseases. Other applications of foot valves are where workers have to hold an object and rinse or wash objects with both hands. Foot valves can be used on a single basin, a range of…

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