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White boards in glass with corporate branding – best design idea for your office

White boards in your office can be a great help for ‘mind maps’ and ‘ven diagram’ planning sessions. It’s an ideal scratch pad to plot wars against the opposition or re-arrange the company structure in order to apparently improve sales. Whatever, they are useful and sometimes essential when the heat is on. On the downside however, after much activity, it really starts looking like a scratch pad.  Years of assault and wiping with more and…


Solid Glass Splashbacks – functional kitchen design idea

Solid glass splashbacks is not a new idea, it has been used for decades in Europe, especially in the UK. Solid Glass splashbacks sometimes also named back splash or glass cladding. Technology has changed a little in the last decades.  We no longer use standard glass since that is too dangerous.  All the solid glass splashbacks are toughened, this is a must especially when using behind you stove.  I have heard so many cases where un-toughened…