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Are wall hung toilets a good option for my bathroom

This question has popped up numerous times, not because people really doubt that wall hung toilets with concealed cisterns are bad, but because they are given bad advice from lazy and inept installers.  Yes I am being quite direct here. Installing a concealed cistern from either Geberit or Grohe takes a little more effort since you have to at least look (not read, just pictures in the manuals) at a manual compared to closed couple…


Geberit concealed cisterns complements any bathroom design style.

If you are considering installing a new bathroom, think about the big picture, think about the look. Geberit concealed cisterns allow you to focus on the beauty – and to keep everything else out of sight. Our solutions provide unlimited creative opportunities for designing your ideal bathroom, combining beauty with practicality and elegance with hygiene. Discover the many talents of our installation systems, but remember to take a real good look at them now, because…