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Industrial flush valves installation models

Flush mechanism options for industrial toilets

Industrial stainless steel toilets have various flushing options to suit your needs.  Aesthetics is not the primary focus but functionality.  In most cases companies install a stainless steel toilet due to vandalism and it is also the flush mechanism that suffers. So selecting the right one for the industry is crucial. There are three basic flush systems available: Exposed flush mechanism (This includes cisterns, push button flush systems and IR flush systems) Built in wall…

Industrial Hands free foot and knee valves South Africa for the food industry

Foot valves and knee valves – how and when to use them

Foot valves and knee valves are used when workers require hands free operation of the water supply. Foot valves are either used in the food industry, where hygiene is crucial and taps create a significant spot for contamination of bacteria and diseases. Other applications of foot valves are where workers have to hold an object and rinse or wash objects with both hands. Foot valves can be used on a single basin, a range of…