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Kitchens Difference between ceramic, engiineered and stainless steel butler sinks

The difference between ceramic, engineered stone and stainless steel butler sinks

I have been asked so many times what is the difference between the ceramic, engineered stone and stainless steel butler sinks, that I thought I would post it on the web. The one is not better than the other.  It really depends on your application and what you intend to use it for.  For light lab work with a lot of glassware, I would recommend the engineered stone types.  If you are going to use…


Installation guide for the Zip Hydroboil

The installation instructions of the Zip Hydroboil water heaters below are intended as a guideline only for the CORRECT installation of the HydroBoils. While every care has been taken to ensure that the information herein is correct, Franke Kitchen Systems (Pty) Ltd or Chilli-B will not be held responsible for installation conditions out of their control, unforeseen circumstances or conditions beyond the scope of this Installation Guide. Important Notes Please read the entire procedure prior to…

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Tips on how to find faults with your Kwikboil water heater

If you have a Kwikboil water heater installed or if a new one has been installed and there are problems, please check the following items.  If the problem persists, contact your local plumber or electrician to help you. The Kwikboil unit does not fill with water. Possible Causes: There is no power supply. There is no water supply. The filter is blocked. This is often a problem with new building installations.  The water pipes are…

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What makes our stainless steel products different

What makes our stainless steel products different? No compromise when it comes to quality! Our designs and construction ensure that our products meet the demands of safety, hygiene and quality. The products are certified to ISO9001: 2008 quality management standards. The use of Stainless Steel as the material of first choice for products in public and semi-public washrooms has become today’s standard for good reasons: This material is robust and, easy to maintain, and therefore…

General undermount kitchen stainless steel sinks

Undermount sinks – secrecy of the hidden

The popularity of undermount sinks is growing because of what they offer to kitchen design. Expose more of  your luxury countertop and the desired kitchen deign without having any obstacles for cleaning. Teka and Blanco undermount series offer a huge collection of shapes, sizes and configurations that can easily be customised adding more single units or accessories. Undermount sinks should be used only with solid countertops of marble, granite or modern composite materials such as Caeserstone (engineered…


Care and maintenance of Gourmet Butler Sinks

Damage prevention Allow cookware to cool down before placing it into your engineered stone butler sink. This actually applies to all engineered stone products like Caeserstone, Pro-Stone, Technistone and other composite products made from composite materials.  Your oven can reach up to 250°C, it will stain the resin in the product and depending on how long you left the pot on the sink, the deeper the discolouration will be.  This type of discolouration is not…

Bathrooms shower bath screen

Shower bath installation instructions for Discovery Shower Bath and glass panel

Shower baths are used in bathrooms designs where space is at a premium.  A shower bath replaces both the bath and a shower in one so they can free up significant space in older bathrooms.  Shower baths can be a DIY project and here is a quick guide of how to install a shower bath. The installation instructions for the Discovery shower bath is discussed here and it includes the glass shower panel. Install the…