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Damage prevention

  • Allow cookware to cool down before placing it into your engineered stone butler sink. This actually applies to all engineered stone products like Caeserstone, Pro-Stone, Technistone and other composite products made from composite materials.  Your oven can reach up to 250°C, it will stain the resin in the product and depending on how long you left the pot on the sink, the deeper the discolouration will be.  This type of discolouration is not included in the warranty of the product. The Gourmet Butler Sink will withstand temperatures below 100°C without any reduction in surface quality.
  • Avoid contact with strong chemicals, such as strong acids, trichlorethane, methylene chloride, paint removers or strippers and stain removers. If such a chemical is spilled on the solid surface vanities or sinks, it should be rinsed away immediately to avoid damage to the SURINNO surface.
  • Never use oven cleaners or dishwasher polishing agents to clean your Gourmet Butler Sink. The same applies to all engineered stone products.
  • Be cautious when placing cutlery and sharp objects into SURINNO sinks to avoid scratches and surface damage. It is natural for the product to loose it shine over time and the length will depend on use. It is possible to re-polish the surface while this is not possible with stainless steel and ceramic butler sinks.


Stubborn dirt can be cleaned away by using a non abrasive sponge and 50% diluted “Handy Andy”. Normal Sunlight soap will not damage your butler sink.


Fill your sink with 40/60 bleach and water. Let the solution stay in the sink for 15 minutes; then wash sides and bottom as the solution drains. Rinse out the sink with water.

You might find, depending on usage, that the inner part of the sink will lose its shine. That is perfectly normal and it can be buffed with very fine waterproof sand paper to shine again. Buffing the inner surface by the manufacturer is charged for and not the responsibility of Chilli-B.

WARRANTY: The Gourmet Single butler and Double Butler have a factory warranty of 2 years against manufacturing defects.

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