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Installation guide for the Zip Hydroboil

The installation instructions of the Zip Hydroboil water heaters below are intended as a guideline only for the CORRECT installation of the HydroBoils. While every care has been taken to ensure that the information herein is correct, Franke Kitchen Systems (Pty) Ltd or Chilli-B will not be held responsible for installation conditions out of their control, unforeseen circumstances or conditions beyond the scope of this Installation Guide. Important Notes Please read the entire procedure prior to…

Industrial zip hydroboil boiled water tap on demand

My Zip Hydroboil is not working after installation – What do I do now?

If you have just installed your Zip Hydroboil system by a qualified plumber (or if you are the plumber) and it is not working, please check all the following questions.  These questions need to be clarified before a warranty claim can be logged.: Was the Zip Hydroboil installed by a qualified electrician? Has the unit been installed correctly as per the installation guide Is there water supplied to the unit on Was water running from…


Zip HydroTap Compact2

The Zip HydroTap Compact2 The Zip HydroTap Compact2 is the most advanced boiling and chilled water system for residential use today. Initially it might seem a bit pricey, but if you think about it, instant boiling or chilled water is an awesome feature.  No more waiting for  the kettle to boil, no more opening and closing of the refrigerator causing the milk to go off.  This tap will be one of the most used items…


Zip HydroTap Miniboil Elite

Zip HydroTap Miniboil Elite Features Super-compact, super-simple instant boiling water system for home kitchens. Press the red touch pad and safety lock together for filtered boiling water, instantly. No more waiting for water to boil for tea, coffee and cooking. Press the blue touch pad for filtered ambient water, instantly. Great tasting freshly filtered water for cool drinks and cooking. Permanent safety lock requires two finger operation to access boiling water. Temperature status indicator light…