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Care and cleaning of Victoria & Albert baths


Every day cleaning:

We recommend a non-abrasive bathroom or kitchen household cleaner. Abrasives will cause the disappearance of the glossy look over a long period. Should you need to clean the bath with an abrasive cleaner, as may be required from time to time, polishing with a car polish or household metal polish will restore the bath’s lustre. Glass polish, which is an extremely fine abrasive paste can also do the trick.

Care and Maintenance:

Repairing a scratch: If any scratches occur during installation these can be removed by rubbing with a 1500+ grit waterproof abrasive paper and water. Re-polish the surface afterwards using a neutral automotive colour restorer or household metal polish. Deeper scratches may require a more abrasive paper to be used initially. If this is the case work your way up to 1500 grit gradually and re-polish. For best results limit sanding to the smallest possible area around the scratch.

It may be possible to polish very fine scratches away without using abrasive papers: scrubbing gently with a soft brush or plastic pad (not metal scouring pad) and a mildly abrasive cream cleaner. Afterwards scrub the whole area with plenty of clean water and re-polish as before.


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    • Hi, you can use any household cleaning product but the best ones are the ammonia types or those that don’t leave a soapy layer such as the ones for washing dishes. I have no idea what brands are in the US, but we have a product called Handy Andy. It is suitable for most types of acrylic and engineered stone baths. Please read the maintenance guide that came with your bath or get one online.

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