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Connect your heated towel rail to your solar panel or geyser


Hydronic Heating:

Recirculating hot water through your heated towel rail

Providing a grid-fed electricity free heating option. Jeeves hydronic heated towel rails have been used extensively on central heating systems in the UK and Europe for over a decade. Hydronic units do away with electrical heating elements as they are designed to operate as part of a recirculating hot water system.  A simple circulation pump (not supplied by Jeeves) can be used to circulate hot water from the geyser or solar storage tank to the heated towel rails before re-entering the geyser or solar storage tank, to be recirculated. Hot water passes through all horizontal and vertical tubes providing warmth for effective towel drying.

The Jeeves Hydronic valve lets you connect your heated towel rail to you solar geyser to save cost on heating.

The Jeeves Hydronic valve lets you connect your heated towel rail to you solar geyser to save cost on heating.

Solar generated hot water together with a wholly solar powered circulation pump (not supplied by Jeeves) allows for grid-fed electricity free heated towel rails!

Hydronic units are supplied with a pair of regulating valves to facilitate the connection between the chased pipe work and the heated towel rail.

Heating technology so advanced it’s automatic:

Automatic Heating Technology (AHT) in our fluid filled electric units allows users to experience the sheer luxury of a heated towel rail without having to concern themselves with manual temperature controls or complex digital control panels.  Featuring a unique built-in thermostat and additional security fuse, our intelligent AHT heating system regulates both heat levels and energy consumption automatically. AHT results in impressive energy savings as our electrically operated units consume less electricity than a standard light bulb! Although our products are designed to run continuously, they can easily be switched on and off using a regular switch located outside the bathroom (as with a bathroom light).


Jeeves heated towel rails are manufactured with the environment in mind. In addition to energy savings resulting from AHT, our rails are made from over 70% recycled steel and we recycle manufacturing materials wherever possible. Jeeves is proud to be a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Effective design

An effective way to warm and dry towels after bathing or showering is to fold the towel in half, and in half again. The Jeeves Classic Range has been specifically designed with groups of bars to increase heat density. As a rule of thumb, one group of bars represents enough space for one bath sheet.

Benefits of Jeeves

  • 304 stainless steel
  • User-friendly due to AHT (no external controls required)
  • Fluid filled for even heat distribution (eliminates ultra hot spots beneath towels)
  • IPX5 rated for use in zones 1, 2 and 3 (includes the area above the bath)
  • Concealed electrical cable through bottom left- or right-hand bracket
  • National and International safety and quality standards (SABS, EN 442, IEC 60335-1, IEC 60335-2-43, UL & CUL, CE, SGS CEBEC, AS/NZS 3350 & NF)

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