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How to drill custom holes in Victoria and Albert baths


How to drill custom tap holes

The drilling of tap holes will be seen as acceptance of quality.

We strongly recommend that you use a suitably qualified installer. Instructions must be adhered to. We cannot accept responsibility for incorrect installation. Victoria & Albert customer service representatives are not qualified to give advice on DIY installations.

QUARRYCAST® is drillable with standard drill bits and hole saws. Don’t use your grandfathers drill bits, rather buy a new shiny and sharp bit which will give you a professional finsih the first time.

Here is how to do it:

a. Locate the centre of the tap ledge for the tap holes using the centre of the overflow hole as a guide. Be sure the tap is located on the flat area on the

bath and that there is enough space under the rim to tighten the lock nut. Some of the rounder shaped roll taps only give a little room for error.

N.B. The rim of the Roxburgh, Marlborough, Sorrento,Antibes & Mini Cheshire cannot be drilled for tap holes.

b. Mark the “centre to centre” dimensions of the tap holes required directly onto the rim of the bath using a pencil. Most taps come with a technical drawing

showing the “centre to centre” dimensions required. If not, you should assemble the tap as it will be installed and measure your tap.

c. Double-check your measurements by placing the tap over the marks before drilling.

d. Drill pilot holes in the rim at each of the marks. Drill directly onto the surface of the bath. This hole should be just slightly smaller than the size of the pilot bit of your hole saw.

e. Enlarge the holes to the required size using the pilot holes as guides, 35mm is standard for most taps in the UK.

• Use a sharp hole saw. If you don’t the hole saw may bind while drilling, skip out of the hole and scratch the rim of the bath.

• Keep the drill speed moderately LOW.  Apply just enough power to keep the hole saw cutting at an even rate. If the saw seems to be bogging down, increase the speed a little. Do not exert too much downward force, let the sharp hole saw do the work.

• Remove the scrap from the hole saw before drilling the next hole.

Read more on drilling holes here.


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