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Jeeves heated towel warmers – all the reasons to have one



  • Jeeves is South Africa’s leading heated towel warner/rail manufacturer.
  • Jeeves have been pioneering heated towel warmer/rail craftsmanship and innovation since its inception in 1995.
  • Extensive export programme across six continents (mostly Europe and USA).

Why do you need a heated towel rail/warmer?

  • COMFORT: Constant supply of warm, dry towels
  • HYGIENE: Towels remain damp free preventing mould and germs
  • SAVINGS: Electricity & water saving due to reduced washing and tumble drying of towels

Jeeves off two advanced heating options

  • ELECTRIC: Independent electrically operated heated towel warmers/rails featuring Automatic Heating Technology (AHT)
  • HYDRONIC Non-electric units which are heated by a circulating hot water system (i.e. heat pumps, solar) through the heated towel warmer/rail. Read more about Hydronic heating here.

Electric heating – Automatic Heating Technology (AHT)

  • Jeeves heated towel warmers/rails do not rely on constant user input to regulate heat levels and energy consumption via external switches.
  • With Jeeves heated towel warmers/rails, the controlling switches are built-in and operate automatically (AHT).
  • The result is extremely low energy consumption:  E.g. the ever popular Spartan I model left on 24hrs per day for 30 days will cost only R12 per month* to run!

*Calculated at the 2012/2013 average Eskom electricity price of 60.66c/kWh.

Unmatched advantages of Jeeves heated towel warmers/rails

  • 25 Year Guarantee Market leading
  • Everything is Standard Cover plate and built-in thermostat included at no extra charge.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Available in 5 surface finishes (polished, brushed, white, black & oil-rubbed bronze).
  • Custom Work As Jeeves manufacture their own products, custom sizes & designs are available.
  • Convenience Unique to Jeeves, heating elements can be replaced on site within a few minutes.
  • Reliable & Effecient Simple yet very efficient heating technology with few working components.
  • Hydronic Heating: A green solution using the home’s hot water (no additional electricity).
  • Made in South Africa Jeeves is the last remaining local manufacturer of heated towel warmers/rails.


  • Jeeves heated towel warmers/rails are manufactured from locally sourced stainless steel which is 100% recyclable.
  • Jeeves recycle manufacturing materials wherever possible.
  • Jeeves is a proud member of the Green Building Council of South Africa.

You can read more about models by clicking here.


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