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How to create a custom coloured bath tub


We have had many request from customers that would like a custom coloured or other than white coloured bath.  The reasons vary, from highly creative interior designers and architects to people that just want something different.  The only bath that we know of that can be painted are those made from Victoria and Albert.  Having a smooth exterior surface, QUARRYCAST baths, basins and feet are easy to decorate using either oil or water based paints.  Here is how to do it:

  1. First rub down surface with a fine abrasive paper to form a key. The best is to use water-proof sandpaper with 800-1200 grit. Wipe down thoroughly to remove any dust before applying paint. Any powder that is left on the surface will cause the paint to peel at a later stage, so do not skimp on this section.
  2. If your bath requires feet, use a pencil to mark the outline of each foot on the bath. You can paint up to 5mm inside the feet since there should be no glue (silicon) that close to the edge. Important: Do not paint over this area as it could result in poor adhesion and possible failure.
  3. Following the paint manufacturer’s instructions, apply the paint to the bath. We recommend at least two topcoats. Use a smaller roller or brush, applying paint in a random fashion so as not to create paint lines. The best is to use a roller with sponge filling. This will prevent any fibres detaching from the roller. Since the surface of the bath is smooth, these fibres are easily noticed.  The obtain the smoothest finish we highly recommend spray painting.
  4. If you wish to paint the feet follow the above procedure using a small brush or spray paint instead of a roller. Contrasting colours can look particularly attractive. As before, do not paint the inside of the feet as it could result in poor adhesion and possible failure.
  5. To finish, depending on the type of paint used, apply a coat of water or oil-based matt varnish to add further protection. This is however, not essential
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The Monaco free standing stone bath can be painted with water based or oil based paint to any colour you like


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