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Bowl urinals which are wall mounted and made from grade 304 stainless steel are mostly used in industrial locations such as factories, mines, commercial centers, public ablutions, petrol stations and sports arenas.

flush mechanism urinal
Standard press button flush mechanism which is installed with most bowl urinals.

Bowl urinals are usually installed with top entry flush mechanism but back entry are also available. The back entry bowl urinals are used in security areas such as prisons and holding cells.  There are various flush mechanisms available on the market but the standard push button type is the most popular. Other flush mechanism are activated via infra red (IR), although these types are mostly installed in shopping centers and area where hygiene are important.  IR operated flush valves are also commonly used where vandalism is a problem.  Two types of IR flush valves are available, either external mounted or internally mounted.  The external mounted valves are the most popular since they can be repaired easily.  IR flush valves operate on mains (240V) or 12V batteries which should last about 3 years, depending on use. Click here to see the complete range of flush valves and their applications.

Bowl urinals consist of the following parts:

  • The bowl either made from stainless steel or ceramic.
  • The flush mechanism; either push button type or IR operated.
  • The spreader (usually comes with the bowl)
  • The waste which is usually 40mm (not 32mm like basin wastes).  The urinal wastes has a domed cap made from stainless steel or plastic.
  • The bottle trap (40mm or 32/40mm). Usually chrome plated PVC.


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