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When we were young there were only two types of basins available, it was either dropped into the vanity top or in stood on top, as in free standing. Now that we have our own homes and have to clean ourselves, there is a new movement towards undermount bathroom basins. I think one of the reasons other than mentioned above that they are becoming popular is that technology has also come to the party. We have more advanced tools to cut granite and CeaserStone and other hard vanity top products. The reason why it is so important is that the edges will be exposed, so the installers must do a good job.

So why are undermount bathroom basin so great. Well, there is just more space around the basin. Gone are the edges of a drop-in on which you can place nothing except a floppy-squishy soap bar or toothbrush. Never mind drop-in’s, free standing basin look great but it towers over all bathroom items for which you do not have time to search for in the morning.

Cleaning is so much easier as well, no silicon or grout between the basin edge and vanity top that you have to replace every 2 years or so.  And don’t tell me the area behind a free standing basin is always clean. So undermount bathroom basins are also more hygienic.

Browse through our undermount bathroom basins on our website. We have ceramic and engineered stone undermounts that will suit your style, I’m sure.

Undermount bathroom basin
Classic undermount bathroom basin. Tops are easy to clean and there is no chance of ugly sealants along the edges that start to peal away after a couple of years.

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