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6 Light Classic Crystal Chandelier
6 Light Classic Crystal Chandelier with GU10 candle lights

Do I have to clean my chandelier?

Yes you do, especially if it is crystal.  Chandeliers, just like any other household furniture, collect dust and  must be cleaned. Quote often chandeliers are placed inside or close to a kitchen, the chances are that your chandelier will collect more than just dust which tends to make the surface sticky and more difficult to clean.

It is generally recommended to clean your chandelier at least once a year to maintain the original sparkle.

The easiest method is to use two pairs of cotton gloves. One damp with Windowlene® in one hand and the other dry (on the other hand).  Work the dust of with the damp and dry immediately with the dry glove. Never use a soap based cleaner because they tend to leave a wax layer on the surface of the crystal or acrylic and collect more dust quickly.

NEVER put crystals in the dish washer, I now you don’t have time, don’t do it!
If your chandelier is really dirty, remove all the crystals from the frame. Also remove the metal rings.  Place them in a solution of vinegar and dish washing liquid and warm water. Remove and at to a second bowl some ammonia based soap such as Windowlene and rinse.  Let them dry out on a towel or soft cloth.

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