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Stonebuilt granite kitchen sinks – now in new colours


Stonebuilt granite kitchen sinks are not cutout from stone but are made from granite powder and small portion of resin to form a mould.  Basically it is made in the same way as kitchen tops and some modern composite baths, basins and butler sinks. The modern technology has allowed these granite kitchen sinks to be extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the advantages of Stonebuilt granite sinks are:

  • Granite sinks are extremely scratch resistant and unlike stainless steel, it is easy to polish a scratch out.
  • Contrary to popular believe, it is also difficult to chip, however, stainless steel does not chip but the do dent. The Stonebuilt sinks are not coated. So if there is a chip there will be no discolouration as is the case with ceramic.  The colour of the sink goes right through the material.
  • These sinks are highly stain resistant but can stain with certain chemicals.  If you put a hot pot in the sink it might cause a burn stain which does not happen with stainless steel. Stonebuilt sinks are totally non-porous, they will not stain and there are very hygienic.
  • The granite is resistant to 200°C, but only for a very short while, any temperature above that will stain the material. remember it is not the granite that gets damaged it is the resin that binds the granite.
  • They are easy to clean with household cleaner and a Scotch-brite scourer.
Stonebuilt granite kitchen sink material

Stonebuilt granite kitchen sinks are solid. The colour goes right through the material. So any chip or sanding will not discolour the surface.

The sinks can either be installed as inset or undermounted (under slung). If choosing to undermount the sink you need to purchase the glue set as well.

So what is included with your Stonebuilt granite kitchen sink:

  • Drill bit to drill the tap hole, allowing for a left or right-hand draining board
  • 90 mm strainer waste fittings
  • Cardboard templates to mark the cutout

Current available colours for granite kitchen sinks:

  • Black
  • Almond Shell
  • Cream
  • ivory
  • White
  • Silvit
  • Metallic Red
  • Orange
  • Lime
  • Blue

Topaz White

Topaz Silvit

Topaz Red

Topaz Orange

Topaz Metallic Black

Topaz Lime

Topaz Ivory

Topaz Cream

Topaz Blue

Topaz Almond Shell


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