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Granite sinks in beautiful colours to fit all kitchen tops

Granite sinks or granite stone kitchen sinks are made from 75% extremely hard silica stone. The high stone content gives the stone built kitchen sinks a slightly speckled, modern and natural granite appearance. Granite sinks are highly resistant to scratches, staining, chipping and heat (up to 200°C). The sinks are easily cleaned with Handy Andy and a Scotch-Brite sponge. The stone kitchen sinks are solid throughout the material, so there is not coating that can chip. Since Granite kitchen sinks are non-porous they are very hygienic and are highly resistant to staining. Any sink in the Stone Range can be either installed as a drop-in kitchen sink or under mounted.

Price comparison of various stone kitchen sink models

The price of the stone built kitchen sinks are the same for all colours in each design range. Included in the sink are fitting instructions as well as fixing drill bit with instructions.

Undermount glue set: R 340.00 Incl. VAT

Granite/Stone kitchen Sink in any colourPrice (Incl. VAT)
Emerald Double Bowl 1170 x 500 x 200 mmR 6 750.00
Sapphire 1.5 Bowl 990 x 500 x 200 mmR 5 700.00
Jade Single Bowl 935 x 500 x 200 mmR 6 134.00
Topaz Prep Bowl 460 mm diameter x 195 mmR 3 925.00
Duo Double undermount (Emerald cutout)R 7 115.00

Basket strainer waste 90mm : R 270.00 Incl VAT each.

Delivery in Gauteng per sink : R193.80 Incl VAT.  For delivery to all other regions in South Africa, please ask for a quote. We also export to other African Nations.

Emerald granite double bowl coloured kitchen sink

Emerald Metallic Black

Emerald Metallic Black Kitchen Sink

Emerald White

Emerald White Kitchen Sink

Emerald Silvit

Emerald Silvit Kitchen Sink

Emerald Ivory

Emerald Ivory Kitchen Sink

Emerald Almond Shell

Emerald Almond Shell

Emerald Cream

Emerald Cream Kitchen Sink

Emerald Metallic Red

Emerald Metallic Red Kitchen Sink

Emerald Orange

Emerald Orange Kitchen Sink

Emerald Lime

Emerald Lime Kitchen Sink

Emerald Blue

Emerald Blue Kitchen Sink

Sapphire double bowl kitchen sink

Sapphire Metallic Black

Sapphire Metallic Black Kitchen Sink

Sapphire White

Sapphire White Kitchen Sink

Sapphire Silvit

Sapphire Silvit Kitchen Sink

Sapphire Ivory

Sapphire Ivory Kitchen Sink

Sapphire Almond Shell

Sapphire Almond Shell

Sapphire Cream

Sapphire Cream Kitchen Sink

Sapphire Metallic Red

Sapphire Metallic Red Kitchen Sink

Sapphire Orange

Sapphire Orange Kitchen Sink

Jade single bowl inset kitchen sink

Jade Metalic Black

Jade Metalic Black Kitchen Sink

Jade White

Jade White Kitchen Sink

Jade silvit

Jade Silvit Kitchen Sink

Jade Ivory

Jade Ivory Kitchen Sink

Jade Cream

Jade Cream Kitchen Sink

Jade Almond Shell

Jade Almond Shell Kitchen Sink

Jade Metallic Red

Jade Metallic Red Kitchen Sink

Jade Orange

Jade Orange Kitchen Sink

Jade Lime

Jade Lime Kitchen Sink

Topaz granite inset or under mount kitchen sink

Topaz Metallic Black

Topaz Metallic Black SInk

Topaz White

Topaz White Sink

Topaz Silvit

Topaz Silvit Sink

Topaz Ivory

Topaz Ivory Sink

Topaz Cream

Topaz Cream Sink

Topaz Almond Shell

Topaz Almond Shell SInk

Topaz Red

Topaz Red SInk

Topaz Orange

Topaz Orange SInk

Topaz Lime

Topaz Lime SInk

Topaz Blue

Topaz Blue SInk

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is very important that your sink is thoroughly checked before signing for it (in front of the courier), to make sure it has not been damaged during delivery If there are any signs of damage in transit you must not accept delivery – but return to sender. If the courier does not want to return to sender, please just clearly endorse all/any damages on the waybill, as the insurance will only pay out if the damage is endorsed on the waybill. This is very important, if the waybill is not endorsed, they do not pay out – no matter the circumstances.