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Kitchen sink mixers made in Germany to the highest standards

Without water to drink, we would not survive. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. Only high quality components and certified products will give you the maximum safety that you need for the sake of your and your family’s health, especially in kitchen sink mixers. Look for the perfect interplay between mixer tap and sink, because that will give you maximum functionality and aesthetics in the kitchen.

Blanco kitchen sink mixer taps

BLANCO mixer taps are extensively tested and certified. They thus provide maximum safety in terms of health and hygiene. Clean water is Blanco’s contribution to your health. Blanco exclusively uses certified quality materials in all water-conducting parts of their mixer taps. Balco cartridges with high quality ceramic seals are long-lasting, smooth-running and pressure-resistant. Spray hoses have an integrated non-return valve to prevent used water from flowing back into the water supply. Blanco has the technology and hygiene of its mixer taps voluntarily tested according to the stipulations of the German drinking water regulation and certified by the Certification body of the German Scientific and Technical Association for Gas and Water e.V. With this certification Blanco mixer taps provide one of the highest qualities currently available on the German market.


Blanco Culina-S

Blanco Culina-S Mini

Blanco Candor-S kitchen mixer in stainless steel 
Candor Stainless Steel with no pull-out

Blanco Lanora-S Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixer with pull-out spout : LA-BL00523123
Lanora Stainless Steel with no pull-out:


Blanco Linus-S in Chrome with pull-out spout:
Blanco Linus Chrome no pull-out spout:


Blanco Eloscape F II
LA- BL00516672


Blanco Fontas II with filter

Teka kitchen sink mixers

Teka kitchen mixers are both beautiful in design and excellent in quality. Each mixer contains a ceramic cartridge which allows smooth operation for years to come. All Teka cartridges use sintered ceramic discs of high resistance. These discs all have porous surfaces which retain the grease longer helping to achieve smoother, gentler movements and therefore prolonging the life of the taps. The operating gear is insulated from water giving therefore continuous lubrication.

Teka MY1 pro kitchen sink

Teka MY1
Overall height: 535 mm – Pull-down shower 2 functions: normal & shower spray

Teka IC-915
Overall height: 302 mm – Swivel spout
with Anti-scale aerator

Teka TE-FO-915 T.B.D.
Height 290 mm

Teka ARK-938 Overall height: 289 mm Swivel, pull-out spout

Teka ARK-998 kitchen sink mixer

Teka ARK-938
Overall height: 289 mm
Swivel, pull-out spout

Teka 995
Overall height: 341 mm
Swivel spout -Anti-scale aerator

Teka Vita 915
Overall height: 392 mm
Swivel spout -Anti-scale aerator