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Instant small gas water heaters

Small instant gas water heaters are suitable for hot water supply in kitchens, laundries, granny flats and braai areas in a lapa. The larger 11 L/min and 14 L/min water heaters are also suitable for showers and baths. Gas water heaters capacity is indicated by the rate of water flowing through the unit per minute instead of the size of a tank. These units are tankless.

The small tankless gas water heaters feature natural flue, automatic water control with flow stabilizing mechanisms. They offer one of the most efficient combustion systems with pulse ignition. The gas ignition is operated by 2 x AA DC batteries which provides the power to open the gas solenoid and fire the igniters when the water flow is detected. Once the gas is ignited, the igniters cease firing and the water heats up immediately.

Small instant gas water heater specifications
Model14 L/min11 L/min5 L/min
Price gas unit (Incl. VAT)R 5 3338.30R 4 705.80R 3 293.60
Installation kitKK-GAS-KIT-14KK-GAS-KIT-11KK-GAS-KIT-05
Water heating efficiency classAAA
Water heating energy efficiency ( n WH) %72.174.587.3
Sound power level (L WA ) Db595851
Nox emmsions mg/kWh196227212
Gas categoryII2H3+II2H3+II2H3+
Type of unitB11BSB11BSB11BS
Type of installationInternalInternalInternal
Max. heat input (kW)26.821.110.1
Max. heat output (kW)23.818.98.9
Pmax efficiency (%)88.88989
Burner Injectors G20 (NG number of & size) n°xɸ16 x 1.0210 x 1.156 x 100
Gas pressure (G20) Mbar202020
Maximum gas flow rate (G20) m3/hour2.832.231.07
Burner Injectors G31 (LPG No. & size)n°x ɸ16 x 0.6610 x 0.726 x 0.66
Gas inlet pressure (G31) LPG Mbar373737
Max. gas flow rate (G31) LPG (kg/h)2.091.650.79
Max. working pressure Δt 25°C - bar0.40.40.4
Max. working pressure Δt 50°C - bar0.20.20.2
DHW Flow Rate Δt 25°C - l/min13.710.85.1
DHW Flow Rate Δt 50°C - l/min6.85.42.6
Power supply voltage (2x 1.5V DC)333
Weight empty kg1395
Small tankless 5 L gas water heaters

5 L/min tankless gas water heater
R 3 293.60 Incl. VAT

tankless gas water heater south africa

11 L/min Gas water heater
R 4 705.80 Incl. VAT

Instant hot water gas heater South Africa

14L/min tankless gas water heater
R 5 338.30 Incl. VAT

Instant gas water heater installation

These units may only be installed by a registered gas installer who is registered with the South African Qualifications & Certification Committee (SAQCC) and installed in accordance with the requirements of SANS 10087-1 for the use with LPG gas, SANS 827 for the use with Natural Gas and any other fire department regulations and/or bylaws applicable to the area.

Product warranty

Two year warranty period from the date of purchase validated by means of a purchase invoice. Alternitavely if an invoice cannot be produced, the warranty period will be determined by the manufacture date code on the gas water heater. Chilli-B no Kwikot makes no warranties or representation in respect of the installation of the gas water heater. The warranty is applicable to South Africa only and subject to water conditions equivalent to main Metropolitan supply authorities in South Africa.  Warranty is void if an inline water strainer is not installed on the water supply line feeding into the gas water heater.