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Stainless steel prison toilets

SAPX597 Maximum Security toilet

SAPX597 Heavy Duty Wall and Floor Mounted WC Pan 395 x 550 x 485 mm high. Franke SA to manufacture unit from Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel, 1,2 mm and 1,6 mm gauge. Unit to be manufactured with a pressed concealed flushing rim and integral “P” Trap with a 100 mm outlet pipe and a 38 mm back entry inlet pipe extended to 450 mm. The pan to be manufactured with a shroud, with external flanges for securing the pan through the wall and into floor with anchor bolts. (Bolts elsewhere measured).

  • Grade 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel 1.2 mm / 16 mm gauge
  • Hygienic and vandal resistant
  • Pressed components to ensure consistent quality and performance
  • 6 liters flushing
  • Heavy duty outer casing conceals the plumbing
  • Pressed concealed flushing rim
  • Provision for secured fixing through wall and into floor
  • Optional outlet and flush inlet pipes are available, which can shortened /lengthened to suit plumbing.
  • Sub-assembly of pan is pickled and passivized to prevent corrosion of the welding inside the inlet and outlet pipes
SAPX597 Maximum security South Africa Police prison cell toilet pan


Water Conservation and Quality Assurance Complies with SABS and LGA DIN EN International Standards. Please refer to page 3 for details.

The unit is designed to use a back entry flush valve that is installed in a duct behind the toilet.  The two 450 mm pipes (inlet and outlet) must penetrate the back wall where the flush mechanism is connected.  The flush button is then drilled through the wall which is covered by a stainless steel sleeve. Recommended flush mechanisms are the WC-104C-SS or the WC-106C-SS.

It is not recommended using a toilet seat as the fixing bolts cannot be accessed from under the toilet pan.  In non high risk installations an access panel can be installed but it is not recommended with this toilet pan.

  • Description: SAPX597 with external flanges with 450 mm long extended pipes
  • Product code: 356185
  • Order code: FR-SAPX597
SAPX597 Maximum security South Africa Police prison cell toilet pan 356185 diagram back

Maximum security prison cell toilet pan with 450 mm showing extended pipes at the back

SAPX597 Maximum security South Africa Police prison cell toilet pan 356185 diagram top

Top view of the SAP stainless steel prison toilet pan with 450 mm extended pipes

SAPX597 Maximum security South Africa Police prison cell toilet pan 356185 diagram side

Side view of the SAPX597 showing the bottom pipe for outlet and top pipe for inlet flow.

Prison toilet with extended pipes

The Stainless steel prison toilet prison pan is designed to withstand severe punishing conditions. It is made from grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel which is 1.2 mm thick.

The prison toilet has an integrated p- trap that is not accessible to users. The inlet and outlet of the pan is extended by 250 mm (although this can be customized as well to suit the thickness of the building).

The pan is designed to flush with 4 or 6 liters of water and it can accept a load of 400 kg.

The prison toilet does not come with a toilet seat. If a seat is required please specify as an access plate must be installed to one of the sides of the toilet in order to install and or remove the seat.

Product features:
• Hygienic, quality designs and excellent low water consumption
• Aesthetically pleasing design, with satin finish
• Pressed bowl and P-trap, with minimal welding through robotic welding technology
• Full flush of 4 or 6 litres
• Sturdy design and safety compliant with low maintenance
• Internationally approved accreditation

Stainless steel prison toilet pan with extended inlet and outlet


Prison toilet diagram top view

Prison toilet diagram side view

Prison toilet diagram back view

WC Pans consume up to 90 percent of water usage in commercial buildings. New technology has been introduced to produce a new range that delivers high performance and aesthetically pleasing designs, to compliment the rest of the Franke sanitary ware products.